Whistleblowing Moody Radio Host Julie Roys Fired After Disclosures about Moody Bible Institute (UPDATED)

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Julie Roys, host of the Moody Radio show Up for Debate, was terminated from her radio show yesterday after she alleged the existence of questionable fiscal and employment practices at Moody Bible Institute. Roys’ disclosures include a loan nine years ago from MBI to the school’s president Paul Nyquist for a condo (source). According to Roys, that loan has not been repaid. She also details alleged irregularities with college facilities, gambling by a board trustee, heavy handed tactics with faculty and much more (source, source). According to her post today, in the midst of these revelations, she was fired from her job.
Roys stated:

Then yesterday at noon, I received an email from Greg Thornton, MBI senior vice president of media, informing me that “after consulting with the Executive Committee of the Moody Board, leadership is terminating your employment.” No reason was given and I was informed that my boss, Program Manager Dan Craig would be at my house in two-and-a-half hours to pick up my laptop.

I reached out to Roys and she repeated the quote above which came directly from her email from MBI’s Greg Thornton. A voice mail was left with Moody Radio’s public relations office.
A January 6 article in the Christian Post contained rebuttal from MBI. Brian Regnerus said Roys’ blog post relied on “anonymous and second-hand sources and include past events that have been resolved.” He added that the statements were “incomplete” and “inaccurate.”

Up for Debate

On her Up for Debate program, Roys personally leaned to the right of center, but she often featured two sides of controversial topics. I have been

Julie Roys - From Roys Twitter page.
Julie Roys – From Roys Twitter page.

on the show before and I found her to be fair in moderating the guests and callers. In my view, talk radio is often a waste of time with people shouting over each other with loads of misinformation. However, in my limited experience on her show, it seemed to me that she sought to provide a place for different points of view to be heard. I especially enjoyed the conversation about the Johnson Amendment back in April, 2017.
In any case, I suspect that — as often happens — MBI will find that firing an employee who is asking questions will not make those questions disappear.

Board of Trustees to Meet January 10

UPDATE (1/9/2018) – Earlier this week, MBI president Nyquist sent this email to the “Moody community” which includes at least students…

Dear Moody Community,

You were all made aware last Friday that a number of accusations have been made against Moody’s leadership including members of our executive team, Board of Trustees, staff, and faculty. As we continue to pray and seek resolution to these allegations, we are committed to keeping you informed about this matter and how we are proceeding.

 First, please know that we are deeply grieved and disappointed over these allegations, have taken them very seriously, and are consistently prayerful before the Lord. We’re reviewing each of the issues raised and determining how it was addressed in the past, what we need to do in the present, and lessons learned for the future. And while interest and concern about specific details regarding personnel-related matters has been voiced, we will not violate the privacy of those involved, nor debate these issues through a third-party outlet. That is not helpful to the process, nor is it honoring to the Lord as His children.

 In addition to last week’s meeting of the Board’s Executive Committee where these issues were discussed at length, the full Board of Trustees will deliberate further on Wednesday, January 10. We covet your prayer for that meeting, and when more information is available, we will inform you, our Moody community, first.

 As we press forward, despite the challenges and hard conversations that are taking place at Moody, our executive team and the Board of Trustees are unified in our love for the Lord and this great institution, the pursuit of truth, and seeking reconciliation where possible. With that, we have also come to recognize the need for, and are committed to, improving our culture and climate at Moody through greater transparency, frequent, concise and timely communication.

 Please continue to be in prayer for Moody, our leadership, and each other that we would reflect the unity of one body joined together by Christ as expressed in Ephesians 2.

 Moody has faced and overcome numerous challenges throughout the course of our 132-year history. We must not forget that ceaseless prayers and God’s guidance are how we’ve been effective in ministry for so many years in a rapidly changing world, and that He continues to bless us with the incredible privilege of equipping people in the Word of God.

 Thank you for your commitment to prayer and seeing God glorified through this. We will continue to be in prayer for you as well.

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  1. I suggest an interesting topic which should be up for discussion is that of “Christian” investigative reporters.
    To the best of my knowledge, no one has defined what makes Roys’ reporting “Christian”. And what makes her “Chrstian”?
    She uses inside informants (spies) to obtain her information. Are spies sinners or good guys in the Bible?
    Roys blocks everyone who does not agree with her, no matter how courteous and gentle you are to her in sharing your different opinion. To say she provides the other side of the story of the victimized congregation of Harvest is a lie. I have offered to interview her as a member of the congregation who was NOT victimised by James, but she disrespected and ignored me.
    Roys has become what she hates.

    1. Do you deny the facts that have been disclosed by the leaders of the congregation about MacDonald? You personally may not have had any dealings with him but what has been reported and confirmed certainly has rocked and devastated that church.

      For instance: /2019/04/06/james-macdonald-uses-non-profit-funds-for-that-perfect-gift/

      1. Why is GOD still present at Harvest?
        Why is Pastor James not in jail? Why is the IRS not at Harvest?
        Your “facts” are provided by people who may be atheists for all I know. And what are you besides a self-righteous character?
        You have become what Roys hates.

        1. It is clear that you have not paid any attention to what has actually come out about this celebrity hypocrite selling a go$pel in order to become a multi-millionaire. Jesus: “You cannot serve God and Mammon. You will love one and despise the other…” JMac despises both God and man and the only thing he clearly loves by his own actions is himself and the sheep’s money.

          1. Since you are representing a “fictitious” figure from a tv series, I am concluding that your comments are Way out there. Try Beaming yourself into Reality. Pastor MacArthur is our Modern Day Paul. Your Ignorance in Biblical Theology is evident otherwise you would not have made such a comment. Where’s my Photon Torpedo??

          2. Interesting charge of “ignorance” from somebody who apparently does not know the difference between James MacDonald and John MacArthur.

          3. You got to love discuss. You can block individuals who are just trying to be as big of and anti-Christ jerk as John. Good bye, See you again at the final judgment. I will find out what your name is. I am using mine…

        2. God is omnipresent. He doesn’t really have a choice but to be present there – that doesn’t mean He likes it though.

    2. Dear Christiana,

      I am praying for you dear sister in Christ! You are so right in saying she blocks everyone who disagrees with her, along with her 50 or so followers. While trying to speak with her on Twitter, I was attacked by her and her followers and called…a narcissist, a son of perdition, and these Christians refused to refer to me as a fellow sister in Christ. They all subsequently blocked me! Pastor James is/was the greatest Bible teacher I have ever known. He has helped me so tremendously through his WITW ministry and although he has obviously hurt many people, he has also helped so many! Pastor James is a sinner, just like me! Since this “scandal” was exposed in February, I have probably cried about this situation 3 to 4 days per week….and now the latest headlines…..allegations of attempted murder, pornography, and trying to hire hit-men etc…..

      The scandal grows day by day… they continue to publish old news…..then the allegations become more vile and vulgar….The rage, anger, hatred and bitterness these Christians exhibit are not character traits of the One they say they follow! They attack, they criticize, they degrade, they want nothing less than to destroy all others associated with James MacDonald, HBC, and/or Moody. They seem to hate Evangelicalism. Some of them despise the literal interpretation of Scripture, particularly the role of women and church . They claim “spiritual abuse” …because that now works to draw great and wide attention to their cries! They actually rejoice and take pleasure in this sheer madness…. now tweeting daily every reprint of their supposed allegations!

      Who does this actually sound like to you?

      I hope this message gets to you! You have given me hope this morning!…..I will continue to pray for James, I will continue to pray for HBC, and I will now pray for you too!!! There is something very evil going on here! You and I both have been blessed with eyes to see it! Lets promise each other to pray earnestly for others to see it too!!!

      Praying for you!!!!

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