The Mistake Made by People Who Thought David Barton Did Not Have a PhD

Apparently, the big mistake was listening to David Barton.
In 2011, 2012 and 2015 (at least), David Barton is recorded saying he had no PhD. Watch:

Then in 2015, he told the same story (start watching at 17:47):
Call me crazy but I am sure he said he didn’t have a PhD.
It has only been this year that I can find any video references to having a PhD.
The above reference is vague but he seems to say in August that he does have a PhD in Education.
Then last week (9/7/16), he chastised “progressives” for saying he didn’t have a PhD but he didn’t say anything about his education. He pointed to diplomas on the stage and said that it was his earned degree.
The next day (after the mystery degree was identified as coming from unaccredited Life Christian University), Barton removed the video from You Tube and has not commented publicly on the matter. What is the truth?
So here we are, 10 days later, with no explanation about Barton’s mystery degree.
This is a serious matter. Barton’s bio doesn’t include any PhD and for years, he said he had no PhD. Then he criticized people for believing him and claimed he has an earned PhD. The next day, he removed the claim. However, the claim stands until he explains. By coming out with the bold claim that he has an earned PhD, he now must produce it or explain why he said it and pulled it back.