The Reduced Version of Gateway Church's Solemn Assembly Will Solemnly Assemble Tomorrow

Remember the huge solemn assembly of 75,000 pastors Gateway Church pastor Robert Morris promised his congregation? Here is what he said last year about it.

You know, I was just standing here thinking, I am really, really glad, to be in church.  I’m just, I just, really enjoyed worship.  And I hope you feel the same way.  Um, I will, just to let all of you know, so you can be in prayer and also so I like for you to know things like this because it’s, we feel like at Gateway Church, obviously we’re part of the body of Christ  and um God has given me a role, in the body of Christ as well. So I’m speaking at the Southlake campus on Saturday, uh but on Sunday morning I will be at Oakcliff Bible Fellowship with Dr Tony Evans tomorrow morning or this morning if you’re watching this Sunday morning, I hope you got all that figured out.  Um, and Dr Evans and I have been talking about for a while along with some other pastors that we feel have given us leadership in the body of Christ to help.  Uh Dr Ronnie Floyd, is one of these on the Executive Committee with us who’s President of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Um, Sammy Rodriguez uh who’s the head of uh Hispanic congregations all over the world, over 400, 000 churches.
Uh, we are planning, just so you know, we’ve already got, put the reservations and all.  Next July uh we are calling a solemn assembly and asking 75,000 pastors to join us in Cowboy’s Stadium for a day of prayer for our nation, isn’t that good? (applause)

I wonder if Morris, Evans and Kingdom Church Council got their Cowboy stadium reservation deposit back.
The huge mega assembly didn’t happen, but tomorrow a much smaller and perhaps even more solemn assembly will assemble at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX. Now called The Gathering, there will be lots of solemn prayers for the nation as if the U.S.A. was Israel.
The sponsors say there isn’t a political agenda, but it seems they can’t help themselves. From the website:

The Gathering is free of political agendas, merchandise, and ministry tents.

But then the prayers will be on behalf of a Christian version of government.
Gathering nation
Sounds like a political agenda to me.