Mark Driscoll Demonstration Taking Place at Gold Creek Community Church

UPDATE: Gold Creek put the sermon up on their website.
Mark Driscoll is speaking at Gold Creek Community Church (the live feed freezes often but you can catch some of it here) while a demonstration is taking place outside.
He is speaking about Hebrews 11.
Outside former Mars Hill members are giving out a flyer about their actions (click the link to read it).
Incredibly, Dan Kellogg, the pastor at Gold Creek said Driscoll had been treated unfairly by his staff and that most what was said in the media was gossip. Watch:

You can listen to the entire message below:
Unbelievably, Rev. Kellogg interrupts his salvation call to speak down to those present who had reservations about Driscoll’s return to the pulpit in Seattle, saying:

If you are one of those people who is not excited about him being here and you want to tell him that, I encourage you to go across the street and join those folks over there. That’s their opportunity to do that and it’s awesome, it’s great, today we’re just going to be positive.

Kellogg’s stance is amazing. His ignorance or disregard of the what the Mars Hill elders did is a slap in their faces; I mean all of them, the ones who left and filed charges, as well as the one’s who stayed and investigated those charges.  He expands on his views in a blog post. Kellogg writes:

Very soon he will move and begin again in another city. He has learned some valuable lessons. He is a changed man.

According to my sources, Phoenix is the new city. According to Kellogg, it is all good. Seems to me one sign of change would be to go back to the people who have sought justice and reconciliation before you go. Kellogg also says he spoke to Mars Hill’s accountability board and they said he was fine.

Today we will have Mark Driscoll speak for us. I have done my homework. He is a controversial speaker but after talking with his accountability board they said: “There is nothing Mark has done that disqualifies him from ministry”.

One wonders if the report that recommended a restoration plan will now see the light of day. So far one prominent message of the Driscoll comeback is how his church wronged him. The former elders certainly told a different tale last year. This now places the unfinished business of last year back in the spotlight. The BoAA said Driscoll was not disqualified but the elders who actually investigated Driscoll said he needed restored.