Is Phoenix Next for Mark Driscoll?

“Downtown Phoenix Skyline by Matthew Nystrom –

After his return to the stage at the Thrive 2015 Leadership Conference at Bayside Church in CA, it seems reasonable to suspect that Mark Driscoll is poised to return to ministry.  If so, where and doing what?
In recent weeks, several individuals have contacted me with tips that Driscoll is preparing to plant a church in Phoenix, AZ. In recent days, the buzz has intensified from several independent sources which leads me to believe the information is credible.
The moves appear to be at the exploratory stage at this point which means that a plant may not materialize.
The reaction of people who reach out with information has been interesting. Almost all are hoping the plant doesn’t happen. However, other people would welcome a return of Driscoll to active ministry. One can tell that from the reaction of some pastors at the Thrive 2015 conference.
Driscoll has become a polarizing figure in the broader church which unfortunately may follow him to wherever he lands. I think he could probably overcome this to some degree by taking his comeback trail through Seattle. I am pretty sure there are some folks there who would like to talk over his recent speech in CA.