Letter: The Legal Case Against Mars Hill Church

I have obtained a letter from attorney Brian Fahling to Karen Cobb, attorney for Mars Hill Church. Fahling represents several plaintiffs who allege various offenses, some of which are public claims covered by federal racketeering statutes. The letter, dated December 24, specifies the legal case against Mars Hill. The plaintiffs would like to mediate but Mars Hill Church leaders (not sure who all that includes right now) have not agreed, according to the letter.
Letter to Mars Hill Fahling 12 24 14
For this post, I am simply going to post a link to the letter and then add commentary afterwards as I am able.  I will note that there is Global Fund time line in this letter that is intriguing and that I am going to spend some time reviewing. A legal fund to support mediation or a lawsuit has been established.
For Fahling’s letter, click this link.