Kudos to Mars Hill Church

Brief note to give credit where credit is due.
On June 8, Matthew a commenter on one of my posts about Mars Hill Global noted that Mars Hill claimed to translate the Bible into Amharic. However, as Matthew noted, there are already good translations of the Bible in Amharic. I wondered if the claim was used to make it appear that more was being done than actually happened. Translation is a major undertaking, much more involved than printing an established translation.
The Mars Hill folks must read the blog because the reference to translation has been altered. In fact, there is an explanation given. This deserves a positive mention. Instead of simply removing the page as has been done in the past with embarrassing information, the Mars Hill folks corrected the error and provided an explanation.
The page used to say:

We have also had the privilege to translate the Bible into Amharic, Ethiopia’s native language. What a blessing it was for Mars Hill Global to be able to give away 1000 Amharic Bibles to brothers and sisters across the world.

This looks like a deliberately misleading statement. However, this statement has been changed on the page now:

Note the explanation just above. In my experience writing about Mars Hill, such corrections are infrequent. Often pages just disappear. However, in this case, they provided the correct information and provided an explanation so that people who consult this page will understand the change. Well done.
Now Mars Hill, how about telling us where the Global Fund went?