NRB Network Breaks Silence On Institute On The Constitution

On their Facebook page this morning, NRB CEO Troy Miller pointed to an article by Michael Peroutka being “the truth” about the IOTC.
Miller wrote:

The last episode of this series has aired on the NRB Network. We appreciate your feedback about this matter. If you would like to further investigate the truth about the Institute on the Constitution, please visit – Troy A. Miller, NRB Network President & CEO

In July, I asked Michael Peroutka how he reconciles similar statements with his leadership role in the League of the South. He did not reply.
At this point, I am unable to reconcile the above article with other articles on the American View website, such as this one justifying discrimination based on race, or this one providing the theological justification for slavery, or this one declaring that the Confederate troops fought for government “of the people” (white people I guess), or this one calling Confederate troops “American forces” and defending the slave owning South as “fighting to defend and preserve an American way of life.”
Michael Hill, president of the League, said recently that the Southern people are white Southerners. Hill said that the League members are “ethno-nationalists.” Does Mr. Peroutka agree with his fellow board member? Hill said that white people need to control the land in order to preserve their people. Does Mr. Peroutka agree with this?
In my opinion, this is a conversation that needs to happen in the church.
UPDATE: On the NRB Facebook page, I asked if the IOTC course would be broadcast again. NRB Network’s response:

As with all of our programs, any future runs will be reviewed by the programming approval committee, and all information will be taken into account.