Hey Florida, is this ok with you?

UPDATE at the end of the post…
There are many stories of voter fraud this election and I have reported at least one major one in Ohio. The situation here may violate the spirit of those laws. I do not know how Florida officials will view this but I hope to find out tomorrow. This is from Obamatravel.org. I wonder how long this page will stay up.
And here is Ms. Appleton holding her ballot:
To summarize, Ms. Appleton has been FL for 6 weeks, says she voted in FL, but plans to return “home” to NY a day or so after the election. According to this link and this one, Ms. Appleton’s residency is open to question. If I am missing something and this is legal, I do not think it should be. At least as long as we have an electoral system of electing a president, it seems fundamentally contrary to that system for people to leave “safe states” for a candidate (in this New York) and go to a battleground state to cast a ballot. It seems as though campaigns would spend their resources moving people from safe states to contested states. Maybe that is the point of this Obamatravel.org thing…
UPDATE: Earlier today, I spoke with Owen Torres, spokesperson for Miami-Dade County, and he clarified that one must register 29 days before an election which Ms. Appleton did in Miami-Dade County. He stressed that she would be allowed to vote in FL if she is registered which one may do whenever one moves to the state of FL. However, he said, she should not be registered in more than one state (which she is according to the Westchester County, NY BOE), but this is not illegal in itself. It would be illegal to vote in two places. What is problematic is Ms. Appleton’s expressed intention to leave FL to return “home” to NY as soon as the election is over. According to Mr. Torres, FL anticipates that the person who registers is doing so because they have become a resident of the state and intends to remain in the state. With the election happening tomorrow, I am not sure if I will hear the outcome of this particular situation soon. However, Mr. Torres indicated that he would pursue the matter.
UPDATE #2 – Commenter Tom pointed out that Ms. Appleton’s profile on Obamatravel.org has been removed.
UPDATE #3 – Palestra.net’s Tiffany Wilson made contact with Ms. Appleton but she declined to speak to Ms. Wilson. And Ms. Wilson notes this about FL election law:

101.045 Electors must be registered in precinct; provisions for change of residence or name. —
SUCH PERSONS WHO ARE REGISTERED in the precinct in which the main office of the supervisor, as designated by the supervisor, is located and who are residing outside the county WITH NO PERMANENT ADDRESS IN THE COUNTY SHALL NOT BE REGISTERED ELECTORS OF A MUNICIPALITY AND THEREFORE SHALL NOT BE PERMITTED TO VOTE IN ANY MUNICIPAL ELECTION.

UPDATE: #4 – Ms. Appleton returned home to NY after the election.
Stay tuned…

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    I collect rocks, but I cannot find the hate one in my collection.
    I do have a confused rock though, and it asks what part of this post on Ms. Appleton’s voting practices get you so upset.

  2. How about the idea, that none of knows really what is going on and that people have been using the media (of all kinds) to manipulate our thinking.
    That people like Colin Powell have a personal interest in seeing Obama in office, that others have a personal interest in seeing McCain in office and those interests are not liberal, conservative, or whatever – but personal and that is it. Being swayed by another person’s personal interest and not evaluating your own interests and doing the research for yourself on voting records, attendance at social affairs, etc… (and I’m not talking about gossip) is just plain …… (put in your own word here – any pejorative sense will do)
    I continue to be surprised that commoners still believe what they read/hear in the news as truth.

  3. In a remarkably characteristic display of liberal inconsistency, jayhuck fills the page with mindless denunciations of a slam-dunk story because its source was a partisan he happens to dislike — and immediately follows it with a discussion calling the concern about voter fraud a “hoax” from the Guardian, a partisan, British socialist paper that’s even farther to the left than Michelle Malkin is to the right.
    No surprise, though, coming from the same fellow who can’t understand why he actually has an obligation to refute the claims in the article, rather than simply hur slander at the author.
    The source, by the way was actually palestra.net, a student news service that has been doing stunningly good work on the voter fraud issue.

  4. jayhuck ~ Nov 3, 2008 at 8:23 pm
    I hate to say this, but do you really expect anything besides mudslinging here? The entire McCain campaign has been riddled with negativity, half-truths and the like. Vote for change

    Change? Oh yeah, Obama keep changing his statements and promises. That’s the change he keep talking about. Hope you got it now!!

  5. The nutty left wing thinks that the only reason Democrats aren’t elected with 80% majorities, it’s because of GOP voter suppression! lol
    They don’t care about facts, they care about emotion. They believe it, it must be right, everyone else is lying! And anything against the GOP is allowed because the GOP is evil, lol
    Palin/McCain ’08!

  6. This is a perfect example of why states should not tie their electoral votes to the popular vote. The highest office we should be allowed to vote for should be Representative.

  7. The woman’s a con artist. She’s proven it. She probably has plenty of money.
    The Dems sanctioned this fraud by allowing BO to win the nomination.
    Respect for law is out the window.
    Get ready for our country to experience hell.

  8. Lynn David, get a life!
    Stop trying to argue that fraud is ok, the source is not the “wright” one, and leave me out of your posts.
    I am not voting for Obama because he is very comfortable with Nefarious characters like Wright, Pfledger, Khalidi, Ayers, Dohrn, Odigna et al.
    I am not voting Party before Principle!!
    I am not voting against my own best interests, I am actually voting for my own good interests as an educated, middle class, suburbanite. Unlike other elections where I voted for the good of my heart, to help those who can’t help themselves.
    But now that I will have to pay higher taxes and my children will be forced to volunteer to promote socialism, I must vote against Obama.
    Many of us believe that the election was stolen from Hillary. Did you know about the Rules and Bylaws committee meeting in Michigan where they gave 4 HRC delegates to a person that was not even on the ballot?
    I will never again help any dem who supports that type of democracy. Goodbye Dems, I AM PUMA!

  9. Well, maybe we can all take notes on how to completely jack the vote next time around. The repubs will have to learn these “ghetto-style” tactics in order to win in 2012.

  10. Hey Frank, the 60’s are not over, this are the new 60’s. If you look close you will notice a flower in her ear, a peace and love sign in her dress and a Woodstock concret in the background.
    Same scenary, an ongoing war, a movement to withdraw no matter what, the only thing missing in the picture is Jane fonda wearing a suicidal bomb belt.:(

  11. Jayhuck
    “The Republican Voter Fraud Hoax:”
    Are you serious? C’mon, you are posting as a fact a blog from some guy in the UK. Did you check the credentials of this guy I post a link to?
    “About the Author
    Hans A. von Spakovsky served as a member of the Federal Election Commission for two years. Before that, he was
    Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Justice, where he specialized in
    voting and election issues. He also served as a county election official in Georgia for five years as a member of the
    Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections.
    Do you think this guy has no information on what he is talking about? or Are you going to research some dark history about his great-uncle cousing friend in order to shift the attention from the issue?
    Can you post a link to that California guy? If that is true, he deserves to be in jail., however, that seems to be an exception. On the other hand ACORN et al /Obama and Co. look like an pandemic to me. ACORN is a national movement as well as moveon.org. I don’t recall any nationwide organization doing that dirty work for the republicans. Can you name them? I wonder how many of ACORN members will ever be bother with the issue if Obama is elected.
    Yep, see you at the polls .But, that doesn’t make it right even if your guy wins.
    “For the record, Iโ€™m not a liberal! Iโ€™m also a registered Republican”
    Your party registration means nothing what really means is you inside the voting boot.
    “If Obama is good enough for:
    – Colin Powell
    – Andrew Sullivan, a Conservative columnist/blogger
    – The Economist magazine
    He should be good enough for just about any conservative worth his salt ”
    He certainlly is not good enough for Joe Lieberman. You know your former VP candidate, and ex-Democrat senator.
    I’ll help you just a little bit, you forgot to mention your guy is good enough for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune ,St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Detroit Free Press,etc, etc, etc. What can you said when Alaska main newspaper support him? Yes, you are 100% right, he has a lot of support. I’ll bet anything that he also has support from: Tehran Times Daily, Pravda, and cuban daily Gramma.
    Can you imagine just after Pearl Harbor a guy named Suzuki running for president of the US. I don’t think so. That shows you how powerful our main LEFT MEDIA is. It doesn’t mean you side is right. The media bet on your guy. Do you know nobody is even allow to use his middle name anymore. (Low whisper) You know ……H. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. If Obama is good enough for:
    – Colin Powell
    – Andrew Sullivan, a Conservative columnist/blogger
    – The Economist magazine
    He should be good enough for just about any conservative worth his salt ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. FAC –
    For the record, I’m not a liberal! I’m also a registered Republican.
    The Republican Voter Fraud Hoax:
    Click here to read the article

    โ€ According to the website FactCheck.org, a few ACORN canvassers have faked registration forms, leading to registration fraud โ€” not voter fraud. They also apparently created false registrants to earn extra money from ACORN, not to stuff ballot boxes with false Democratic votes.โ€
    How about the article on โ€œRepublican Voter Registration Chief Arrested for Fraud in Californiaโ€?
    Its pretty amazing how the conservative mind works sometimes! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ See you at the polls!

  14. Lynn David wrote:
    “Simply, she wasnโ€™t getting the volunteerism that Obama inspired at the local level – all politics is local”
    She lost the very instant moveon.org ,George Soros and the democratic party leadership found a more liberal candidate. You think all politics are local? Heard of “l’internationale Socialiste”? Check this out:
    Don’t even count the billions of free “BIG LEFT MEDIA” advertising that nobody consider it as a donation. It is a world wide movement to destroy this country from within. ๐Ÿ™
    @”jayhuck ~ Nov 3, 2008 at 11:17 pm
    TBT – Iโ€™m not saying voter fraud has or hasnโ€™t been perpetrated. I donโ€™t know – Iโ€™m waiting to hear about this from a reputable and balanced source. Thatโ€™s all! Iโ€™m sure we will hear about all sorts of voter fraud and intimidation from both sides enough tomorrow to hold all of us over for four more years ”
    What sources are “good” for you? It is amazing how the lib mind works. You got evidence but you look at the messenger. The same with the Joe the plumber or Jose el mechanico, it doesn’t matter what the issue is, you always try to discredit the source first. Isn’t that right? In case you are wondering what source to trust, I againg ask you to read this and give a comment:
    Campaign managers care to the smallest detail on what color of tie to wear, how to do “body language”,etc. They are concern to the smallest detail, however, how in the world a guy with Hussein and Obama for a name can even be noticed? Do you think if media hasn’t do their “work” this guy ever had a chance to be ever nominated?. They count on the short memory of the masses, and their stupidity. Unfortunatelly, people are smart, but masses are stupid.

  15. Oh good grief Concerned – addictive compulsive behaviors are no more associated with gay people than they are with straight people.
    I also don’t think that that is what Drowssap, or the study, was saying.

  16. Drowwsap,
    I very much disagree with your idea that stress is not involved in SSA. At least in the development of addictive compulsive behaviours associated with it.

  17. Warren
    On a completely unrelated note (except I’m excited about the twin study) a major breakthrough was just released.
    First concrete evidence that the immune system can alter behavior in mice

    In the first study ever to genetically link the immune system to normal behavior, scientists at Rockefeller and Columbia universities show that mast cells, known as the pharmacologic bombshells of the immune system, directly influence how mice respond to stressful situations. The work, to appear this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and to be highlighted in Science, chips away at the increasingly stale idea that the two most complex systems in the body have entirely separate modes of operation.

    I don’t think SSA is a response to stress but this shows that the bodies immune system can alter the way the brain works.

  18. TBT – I’m not saying voter fraud has or hasn’t been perpetrated. I don’t know – I’m waiting to hear about this from a reputable and balanced source. That’s all! I’m sure we will hear about all sorts of voter fraud and intimidation from both sides enough tomorrow to hold all of us over for four more years ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. soooo….are you saying that there isn’t voter fraud because Michelle Malkin reported it or what exactly are you trying to say about the voter fraud being reported here? That you don’t want to admit it exists or that you have evidence that some of these reports are false or what?

  20. Jayhuck-
    Never mind. It was just an opinion. I resolved not to converse with you until we’ve finished the PFOX discussion.

  21. Eddy,
    I DO get that. That doesn’t prevent me, a guest, from calling out my host if I feel he is being irresponsible ๐Ÿ™‚
    But, as always, I appreciate the chastisement! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Jayhuck-
    Although I don’t share Warren’s political leanings this time around I do understand something that you obviously don’t. This is his personal site. We are invited guests, guests and passersby. Your last few comments to Warren, our host, were, IMHO, unspeakably rude coming from a guest.

  23. “You raised up nothing related to that by saying something about change and I asked to review a video that showed that Obama was not an agent of change during his longest stretch as a politician.”
    Warren, this video is simply more partisan mud-slinging. What is it I am supposed to get from it?

  24. jayhuck – try to stay with the thread or at least the diversion you create. The thread is about voter fraud and this particular incident.
    You raised up nothing related to that by saying something about change and I asked to review a video that showed that Obama was not an agent of change during his longest stretch as a politician.
    You did not address your own distraction but instead brought up adhominems against Malkin and Coulter.

  25. I just saw the Tito the Builder segment from Fox News – just when you think they (Fox News) couldn’t stoop any lower – LOL – the best part about Tito was seeing his relative Bob the Builder take him on on The Daily Show ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Of course, everyone realizes that if Obama becomes President, there is no one in government that will prosecute any of these fraudulen voting issues.
    Why should they?
    It’s what got them into office.

  27. TBT – start with the Wikipedia articles on Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin – good jumping off points.

  28. Oh good grief TBT – I don’t have the time nor the energy to go into all that tonight – LOL – Perhaps Warren can create a thread and I can devote some time into listing all of them – I suggest you do simple Google searches if you REALLY want to know though – I used to read Ann Coulters column all the time – if you really care about TRUTH, and not just the kind you want to hear, you’ll easily find the falsehoods embedded in so much of her writing ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy searching

  29. Check the website for Florida voter registration rules.
    You don’t even have to show a photo i.d., they will accept an electricity bill with your name on it and the address that you are registered at. You could also go dumpster diving in your neighborhood, collect several utility bills and beat that real person to the polling place. The early bird gets to vote for the worm.
    Also college aged grandchildren can hijack the absentee ballots of their Grandpapa or Nana and vote for “The One”.

  30. So which facts that Michelle Malkin has said are you disputing? or for that matter Ann Coulter?

  31. Obama will unfortunately NEVER win my Kansas – My vote means little if anything in this state that almost ALWAYS votes Republican – but I’m still getting up and marching myself down to the polls tomorrow – even though it won’t change anything ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. I don’t have the fancy-smancy software that makes the ballot say what you want to read. Mostly all I got were a pixellated bunch of lines. Nor have I seen a Dade County, Florida ballot with which to compare it.
    So, ok… if you say so, Warren.
    Except you just didn’t say so in this post. It still looks like you jumped the gun from a more journalistic viewpoint.
    But you still don’t have a pattern here to cast aspersions at ObamaTravel. They are taking people from where their base and their volunteers are greatest a surplus and moving them off to areas or states in which volunteers are lacking. Any campaign does that. Obama is just doing it at a greater rate because his grass-roots organizing has been rather extraordinary.
    That was evident from the beginning of the primaries/caucuses in Iowa. I wondered why Hillary, who I supported then, wasn’t just trouncing him, even as I watched from my various hospital beds back then. Simply, she wasn’t getting the volunteerism that Obama inspired at the local level – all politics is local. Thus people like Michaelene, up above, think this election was stolen from Hillary Clinton and in bitterness are voting against their own ideals (I find that really odd). I’ll admit that I thought Ms Clinton should have had a mandate. But Obama just out-campaigned her in state after state and among the party’s superdelegates.
    Despite what you have blogged about these past couple of months since the conventions, it wil not mean much. Obama’s lowest electoral vote could be circa 284, his highest perhaps 315. The only way McCain is going to win is via an electoral college gaff wherein Obama wins the popular vote, perhaps by as much as 2% but McCain manages to win both Pennsylvania and Florida by the narrowest margins. But then if Obama wins my Indiana, he’d win by a single electoral vote (I think, hence why McCain is in New Hampshire?). Then you have that scenario were an elector decides not to cast his vote along with the will of his state’s people. Just see where that gets this country.

  33. From Wikipedia – and I can find stuff like this on her all night if you like –
    “Bronwyn Lance Chester, an editorial writer at The Virginian-Pilot, stated in November 2004 when the newspaper dropped Malkin’s column that Malkin “habitually mistakes shrill for thought-provoking and substitutes screaming for discussion. She’s an Asian Ann Coulter. “

  34. TBT – Its a well–established fact that Michelle Malkin is biased and unbalanced in her reporting. It also seems to be a well-established Republican tactic to distract from the obvious bias in someone’s reporting by stating that their words weren’t properly refuted – LOL

  35. WWCPD – What Would Colin Powell Do? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Seriously – this all sounds TOO familiar – Republicans harping on voter fraud and Democrats lashing back with unnecessary harassment of voters at the polls – SIGH

  36. oh and if you can’t dispute what someone says with facts, lets just smear them and call them racist, hateful, spiteful or some other name, that seems to be a Democratic specialty.

  37. This is not voter registration fraud, she is voting, as did the students in Ohio and who knows how many others. Even with it not being election day yet there is quite a bit of voter, not just registration, fraud already uncovered. If these people have been caught how many have slipped through???

  38. Lynn,
    I hate to say this, but do you really expect anything besides mudslinging here? The entire McCain campaign has been riddled with negativity, half-truths and the like. Vote for change ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. Michelle Malkin – MICHELLE MALKIN? Please Warren, she is no better a source than Ann Coulter. She is a spiteful, fact spinning, mudslinger and embodies nothing that is good about the democratic process. You can do better than that.

  40. One more day…one more day…well, unless it’s like that one time when Chad had us going a few days over…but I digress…one more day…one more day. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forgive Hillary for starting this campaign up so early. As a whole, I don’t appreciate the attitude of snarkiness that overtakes the land.
    Very soon, regardless of the results, we will start making nice again. Can’t wait!

  41. Another issue: she is saying that the value of her time and effort, as well as her personal costs, were in excess of $2300 to the Obama campaign. That is an turn, a contribution in excess of federal limits, making her a felonious contributor to the Obama campaign, if true.

  42. Lynn David – Let’s breath together.
    Yes, when you get close to the ballot, it is a Miami -Dade Co. ballot. I also confirmed that she voted in Miami-Dade and is registered in New York. She also was supposed to affirm that she intends to stay in FL in order to vote. She obviously has no intent to stay there.

  43. Well, it’s still up.
    But is this voter fraud? She doesn’t say she is casting her ballot in Florida, she says she is voting for Obama in Miami. Can you tell from that picture that the ballot is a Florida ballot and not an absentee ballot from her area in New York? I can’t, though it appears to be a “fill-in-the-bubble ballot” that gets put through a scanner. Yes, Florida has those, but does New York also? For absentee ballots?
    Yes? No?! I don’t know!
    Perhaps then you have falsely accused her. And certainly the rest of the people at ObamaTravel also. You jumped the gun, Warren. You’ve gone over the edge. Stop, take a breath, and settle down. All you can really do is vote. All you’ve done here is likely spread a lie unless you can verify that ballot.

  44. I don’t see what the problem here is. It makes perfect sense to me. Just like the Great Obamessiah says: “If you have a pizza, and your friend is hungry you would give her a slice, wouldn’t you?” Some states have more than enough voters to elect the Candidate of Change. While others don’t have enough. So it’s only fair and just that voters go where they are needed the most. We need to ‘spread the wealth’ around so everyone can benefit.

  45. @Pathia: I empathize with your problem. I do support responsible purging of rolls. In other words, if your dead, you don’t need to be on the voter rolls. I’m beginning to think the best way to handle the entire problem is for everyone to reregister in every election. Also, everyone should produce valid identification as well as a utility or phone bill in their name as a means of establishing residency in that particular district. I know the voter REGISTRATION fraud being perpetrated by ACORN isn’t goin gto directly translate to fraudulant votes being cast. But, in those states that require no identification or proof of residency for registration, a warm body is sufficient, the ability to cast fraudulent votes is much higher. Many of those states that require no identification and no proof of residency also have lax vote verification systems in place to protect against fraudulent votes especially in the realm of absentee. I could register and vote absentee in several different states, especially in those that have lax to non-existent standards. That is just the only way I can see fixing the voter fraud thing.

  46. There’s an inherent problem I have with this harping on voter REGISTRATION fraud, which is what much of these posts are. Who is actually getting defrauded when people pad their registration numbers? ACORN and the like, because they pay per registration.
    To get all of those fake people to vote, you would have to game out false social security numbers, DMV entries, addresses, phone numbers, all sorts of things.
    The very fact I keep getting my registration thrown aside is because one of those things doesn’t add up right. I actually had to bring it my a certified notarized copy of my birth certificate just to be able to vote last year, because they insisted that my legal name change was a felonious change.
    I’m a real person, and I have a hell of a time voting. I don’t see how they could send in thousands upon thousands of these fake people to game the system. REAL people get caught in the net because it’s so tight.

  47. Drowssap – First of the year.
    All in due time.
    Don’t know yet what it says but I know it is being reviewed for publication.

  48. Lynn David
    Actually I don’t mind the politics threads.
    Nothing of note has been released in the world of SSA research for a while. However I think a new, massive twin study is coming out soon.

  49. Hopefully Ms. Appleton will be stranded in Florida when Obama loses, and will be living under a bridge, or hitchhiking back to New York. Or perhaps the federal government can provide her with three hots and a cot.

  50. I am not surprised by the fraud committed by the Obama campaign and his followers. The same fraud was committed during the primaries and caucuses against HRC and was celebrated by Obama and the DNC.
    The need to register hundreds of thousands of new and illegal voters is because BHO divided the Dem Party!
    Join us, PUMA08, PUMAPAC and DEMS4MCCAIN and vote against the fraudulent candidate! NOOBAMA ever!

  51. Pathia – that would be wrong too. There are lots of people exploring that, but very few are exploring this issue.
    Lynn David – Soon and very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Lots of posts about fraud Warren, what about the folks that filled everything out, but keep getting purged by GOP tactics? This year was the fifth year in a row I am going to have to file a provisional ballot. Every year for the same thing, despite how much I document it when I sign up to vote, I get purged by their ‘investigators’.

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