Coal emerges as last minute campaign issue

Some things just take awhile to sink in or get packaged in a way that people hear them. Here is the video with the sound clip of Obama talking about coal in San Francisco.

I think the difference between candidates is that Obama wants to impose more stringent regulations sooner (immediately). I think McCain’s view is that in view of the security needs of the nation, we cannot move so quickly and remove another source of energy based solely on environmental concerns. For an industry making a transition, the pace of change is important.
This is a very sensitive issue here in PA, OH and to the south in WV. My guess is that this will move some voters McCain’s direction. Speaking to Californians about economic issues in PA, and WV brings back Obama’s comments, also to a San Francisco audience, about rural Pennsylvanians clinging to guns and religion because they are bitter.

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  1. Well Drowssap, I doubt anyone who is reading Warren’s blog is going to change their mind. The only thing positive for McCain that Warren’s blog over the last few months has done is possibly keep someone from jumping ship to Obama. But I’ve seen nothing here that really speaks to an issue, only innuendo. Besides, look at what Delores wrote, she’s already crowned a winner. To bad for her that she’s off on the birth thing, Hawaii confirmed Obama’s birth yesterday or maybe the day before.
    Yeah Warren, Obama wants it now. He wants the US to sign the Kyoto Treaty too. That would give us the “moral authority” to speak to China and move them to better environmental controls on their plants that burn coal. There is a lot this country must start doing to become more energy efficient and productive; and it takes a new kind of foresight which humans have heretofore not employed.
    The industrial revolution was easy. We knew how to burn things and man has been making his living off of burnt fossil fuels for some 300 years (more if you want to count the wood you felled three months before you burnt it). That easily sparked innovation because the technology of burning a fuel was rather rudimentary and free enterprise readily carried the day and brought us here. Now, when science and technology are pulling our most basic need, the need for energy, out of the technology of burning a fuel; it is rather imperative that we as a nation make the correct choices. Because in that choice is also engendered a modicum of the efficiency we desire. I just don’t see that McCain will be able to form the necessary forums of thought from which we make those decisions.

  2. Lynn David – Both candidates want change in coal standards, but McCain favors a graduated approach whereas, apparently Obama does not.

  3. Lynn David

    Obama is speaking about old coal plants that only have scrubbers on them…

    I’m not buying that one. Reid and Biden have both made a bunch of anti-coal statements. Obama is on tape making anti-coal statements. I was sitting in an office the other day and I picked up a copy of Mother Jones Magazine. What I read inside made it pretty obvious that the left hates coal.
    Is anybody really trying to build a coal plant in the USA based on the environmental standards of Beijing? I doubt that is what Obama is worried about.

  4. Obama is born in Kenya! It is illegal for him ro become a US president! Please ask your senators to start the process of impeachment against him now, we will get to the coal business after the impeachment! Thanks!

  5. how hilarious it is to see an obot complaining about people lying, do you really think the well over a hundred reasons not to vote for your guy is all entrely fabricated? i could see a dozen or so reasons, I’ll even spot you 20 or so, but when I read lists of over 100 factually accurate reasons, and the list grows every day, do you really think those are all lies? My guess is you also believe we never went to the moon then, for claiming to be so smart you obots sure wear stupid well.

  6. What kind of damnable lies are you wanting to promote, Warren? Obama is speaking about old coal plants that only have scrubbers on them… WHAT? No one over in your ivory towers has ever heard of coal gasification plants? And here is what I heard on another vid of the Biden talk about it, but this guy, you posted, selectively edited Biden, just like so many of the Republican hacks are wont to do.

    Guess what, China’s building two every week, two dirty coal plants. And it’s polluting the United States, and it’s causing people to die. The first guy to introduce a global warming bill, was me, 22 years ago. The first guy to support solar energy was me, 26 years ago, that bill came out of Delaware. But guess what? China’s gonna burn 300 years of bad coal, unless we figure out how to clean their coal up, because it’s gonna ruin your lungs, and there’s nothing we can do about it. No coal plants here in America, … build them, if there going to build them over there, make them clean. Because they’re killing us. Make them clean. Thank you, see ya.

    He is not speaking about the new, cleaner technology of coal gasification. I guess you didn’t see the whoopla over the bad air in Beijing before the Olympics this year from all the coal burning without even scrubbers.
    My guess is that if this moves people to McCain, it’s only because of the well-cut audio/visual lies his supporters are promoting.


  8. How about the video today where NObama flipped of McCain with his middle finger!!! HE IS A SICK Chicago THUG!!! AND THERE ARE PEOPLE WANT THIS IDIOT TO BE POTUS??? GO FIGURE!!!

  9. It is really interesting when you listen to what he says about HIS plan and compare that to all the Obama fans who are commenting on other sites about the fact that McCain also supports cap and trade. It is in the degrees that his plan goes that will make the difference. But equally important is the motivation, he is actually trying to use the power of the government not to help people in the coal industry, but to destroy them.
    On a side note, this tape is just one more nail in the coffin on how crappy a job McCain has done running his campaign. This should have been found earlier, the tape that the LA times is holding should have been discussed earlier, there are so many things that his campaign should have been able to unearth months ago. It is as if they were waiting for the MSM to actually do their job of vetting the candidate… Foolish! They should have done it for them!
    I hope he (McCain is a better president than he was as a candidate… yeah I still have hope!)

  10. OMG—————-I could not believe my ears when I heard obama (I refuse to capitalize his name) say he would bankrupt new coal plants on a clip this morning on Fox and Friends. I live in Pryor, OK, ten miles from a coal fired electricity producing plant owned by GRDA. Do people across America realize that 50% of our electricity is produced by coal. I think people believe that because we know longer have coal stoves in our homes that coal is something from the 19th or 20th century. How wrong they are. And if something happened to our coal fire plant it would be devastating to our community. McCain should have brought this out a lot earlier. But I have sent emails to everyone I know encouraging them to send the emails on to anyone who works at the coal plant.
    Maybe we can help turn this around in the last 24 hrs.

  11. OMG.. I can just imagine what will come out about him after this election, win or not.. I just read an article about him going to Pakistan when he was 20, wonder why he didn’t write about that in his memoirs???

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