Bullycide in America: New resource available

Some have asked me why I initiated and supported the Golden Rule Pledge Initiative along with the Day of Silence. Watch this video and I hope you can feel a little of the anguish that is the daily life of a child who is the target of bullying.

The song is a way of introducing the new e-book Bullycide in America: Moms speak out about the bullying’suicide connection. Full disclosure: I have some articles in this book and have done some volunteering for this group. These stories and those of kids I know have touched me in profound ways and I hope will go a long way toward creating change. There are multiple factors which inform an understanding of bullying and I hope these cases and articles will help raise awareness.

One thought on “Bullycide in America: New resource available”

  1. Warren as Matt’s father, (who’s story is in the book) I want to say thank you for sharing the book with your audience. There is a flurry on this topic right now but those of us who have been living with it and trying to reach others for years, have much information to share. If I can be of any service please feel free to contact me.

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