Who is behind the Sarah Palin rumors?

Conservative blogs are ablaze with a story which may or may not make the MSM.
See the National Review Online for a summary.
Here is the blog that seems to have started the story.
Bottom line, the fingers are pointing in the direction of David Axelrod, head of the Obama campaign for spreading some of the more outrageous Palin rumors. Nothing is proven and evidence is circumstance, I should hasten to add.
If you like intrigue and a political mystery, then there may be some interest here for you. I will post more on this as I get time…
UPDATE: Ethan Winner has admitted making the videos in question.

5 thoughts on “Who is behind the Sarah Palin rumors?”

  1. Warren–
    I followed the link to the blog and had a fascinating ride. Thanks. LOL. I think of myself as a ‘fact checker’…that guy puts me to shame….double shame. (Well, he does have help but still….absolutely fascinating.) I hope the other side has a ‘fact checker’ who can compare. I’m convinced that both parties are capable of all kinds of treachery to reach their ends.
    You need special survival skills to endure all the bull that gets flung in the final months before a presidential election. I predict that bull will fly to the very end..From both sides. Dodging the crossfire will test even the strongest.

  2. Ken – I am not going to debate this very long. What the liberal blogs and mainstream media do (where most of my attention has gone) is make a dogmatic statement about Palin (e.g., she cut funds in half) with no sourcing or qualification. I take these claims apart with facts, interview people and report what I find. This post was clearly designated as unverified and an interesting story on the blogs that may or may not be true. Read for yourself and see.
    The other story you took exception with that I recall was Obama’s inability to craft a plausible reason why he said he would have supported the federal Born Alive Infant Protection Act but opposed the Illinois state version. I provided facts on that story which Factcheck.org verified. He continues to say he was taken out of context but has given no direct answer.

  3. You chastise the liberal blogs for spreading rumors, innuendo, and misleading statements about Palin, and yet you do the same thing to Obama on your blog. “Conservative” is not the word I was thinking of that describes this behaviour.

  4. The circumstantial evidence is compelling but I made it clear that nothing was proven.
    Ken, I report on the things that interest me, it is a personal blog after all. If you have picked up on the leanings I have toward the conservative side of the ideological house, then you have found me out.

  5. Warren said:
    Nothing is proven and evidence is circumstance, I should hasten to add.
    And yet you are more than willing to spread these unsubstantiated claims and innuendo. Yet, whenever someone else does it about Pailn, you’re ready to jump to her defense.

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