Scratch that: Dobson and Huckabee deny endorsement report (updated)

Rumors about a Dobson endorsement for Huck are false…

Updated: The Spectator stands by the earlier report while at the same time reporting Mr. Minnery’s denial. Sometimes in organizations these things are done to assess trustworthiness. Not saying that is what has happened here. Focus is a large organization and it is easy for misinformation to get around the water cooler. Tom Minnery is a straight shooter and I certainly trust that what he is saying. Dobson may be considering an endorsement but I won’t believe it until I see it. Now I do think he might be nearing a broadcast with Huckabee…

Also, see this AP report.

8 thoughts on “Scratch that: Dobson and Huckabee deny endorsement report (updated)”

  1. Ann,

    No worries – I wasn’t really offended – I just wasn’t sure what you meant.

    BTW – I laughed when I read – “Not everyone feels the same as I do. Of course I am perplexed as to why but that is a whole different subject ” – I often wonder this myself 😉

  2. Jayhuck,

    I said something that was presumptious and I apologize. I used the word “us” meaning that I felt everyone would feel this way and I know now that was the wrong word to use. Not everyone feels the same as I do. Of course I am perplexed as to why but that is a whole different subject 🙂 Thanks for pointing out my error – I will be more careful next time to think more before I write.

  3. Ann,

    Its probably not a surprise that we disagree, but I’m wondering what you meant when you said “leave us alone”. Who is “us”? 🙂

  4. Jim,

    Romney/Santorum or Huckabee/Santorum sounds awesome to me! My personal wish is that the Clinton’s, Streisands, Springsteins, and all of their ilk just go away and leave us alone. Ok, I am ready to duck the tomatos from those who disagree 🙂

  5. Jim,

    Whose morality are we talking about? Yours? I don’t know of any party that doesn’t care about children. I see parents on both sides of the aisle – as well as Vets. New York State isn’t suffering anything – the people, through a very democratic process that maybe you don’t care for because it keeps Clintons in power, elected her through free elections.

  6. Anyone who cares about morality, vets, and children would endorse Huckabee. He should choose Santorum to be VP. Liberals would cringe. It is time to say no more to the Clinton sponging, Fleetwood Mac politics, and fetus brain sucking. The faster she is off our tax money payroll, the better. It’s bad enough our New York Sate has to suffer from her presidental running rampages.

  7. I would like for people who are giving information about something as significant as this, not report it to someone else unless they hear it directly from the endorser. It causes a lot of grief for all comcerned.

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