International Healing Foundation: An Update

I have made several posts recently regarding the International Healing Foundation. To summarize the information, I created a page on the blog where I will add and update information as needed.

Today, I added a statement from IHF Assistant Director, Hilde Wiemann, who now acknowledges that she did return to the Unification movement in various capacities after 1995. I believe it took courage for her to do this and she has provided a clear statement rejecting the Unificationist movement. I have included the statement and some additional information on the IHF page.

7 thoughts on “International Healing Foundation: An Update”

  1. Jack – Richard has maintained all along that he has had no involvement with the UC. What is unclear is why he denied Mrs. Wiemann’s involvement initially.

  2. I am glad Wiemann has come clean, but there has not been a public statement as yet from Richard regarding the initial denials and now this turn of events.

  3. Jack, relax. I am sure Warren has integrity as do you, and I appreciate the data he brings to the table. But, I believe Cohen has come clean about everything. If anything, he is overtransparent and it has caused much critism.

  4. Warren,

    You were on to something all along, too many contractions in Hide’s story as well as Cohen. This is a major break, Wieman changes her story. So, can Richard Cohen be far behind?

    Jim Phelan – ok, Jim, fess up(lol). You were so convinced that all of the contractions presented was “just a cigar”? Sometimes the most difficult thing for anyone to admit is they have been deceived and misled. Many of us have been deceived and misled by Cohen. Cohen and Hilde and anyone else has every right to be a member of anything they want, but, if they lie about it, the the public has a right to know. Give Warren some credit here for going out on a limb. This is a man of integrity who believes in the truth and wants people to know the truth before they get involved with someone or an organization. Ok, Jim, there’s plenty of crow around to eat, so get busy (lol).

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