James Dobson to endorse Mike Huckabee

According to the American Spectator, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson is set to endorse Mike Huckabee for president. The Spectator article says it will happen in Iowa and is sure to help offset Sen. McCain’s endorsement from Sen. Brownback as well as the Giuliani endorsement from Pat Robertson. Expect to see more endorsements from social conservatives as this unfolds.

9 thoughts on “James Dobson to endorse Mike Huckabee”

  1. Again, you jump to a conclusion. I have no idea what you are talking about. I did not delete a comment of yours. It may have gone to spam accidentally (I have no idea why WordPress sends some things to spam and some not).

  2. Warren, If you want to bring up politics, as you routinely do on this site, shouldn’t you expect discussions of various slants? For contrast purposes, I brought into discussion a possible liberal opponent to aforementioned (aka Hillary Clinton). Otherwise, this blog thread would die a very boring death. I mean what real substance did it have going? But, you decided to deleted it. So much for a variety of views and open discussion on your blog. Were you afaid I would offend Mrs. Clinton or your liberal readers? Don’t we have enough censorship in the world? Can’t the maturity of your readership handle the truth as one may see it?

  3. Just when you thought it wasn’t possible for conservatives to become even more fractured – wow!

  4. Mike Huckabee just denied any truth to this story on the Hannity radio show, 1:10PM Pacific time, 11/9

  5. I’m thrilled to see one of the major Christian leaders have faith in Mike Huckabee. It solidifies the authenticity of his campaign even more, and shows the courage of James Dobson standing by someone who he believes in, and who is fighting the odds; but won’t compromise his principles, or his faith.

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