James Dobson to endorse Huckabee, AP says

What goes around comes around. Quite awhile ago, there was a report floating around that James Dobson would endorse Mike Huckabee. That was flatly denied. Apparently, the second time will be the real thing according to the Associated Press.

Now, this puts a dent in my McCain – Huckabee ’08 prediction. Would Dr. Dobson endorse Huck without a promise not to be a VP on the McCain ticket?

UPDATE: Gary Schneeberger at FOTF just confirmed the report and I saw a couple of minutes ago that Citizenlink, FOTF’s public policy alert, confirmed the endorsement as well.

My question for the Huckabee camp will be what does this mean for his future as a Veep possibility? Any Huckabee supporters hearing anything about that?

McCain wins South Carolina; Romney and Clinton win Nevada

No, this is not a political blog but I will get into the race more as 2008 moves along. I watched lots of coverage of the South Carolina race, where the AP called the state for McCain about 10 minutes ago. McCain has to feel pretty good about his showing; he carried independents, split conservatives and was respectable among Evangelicals. Where is Huckabee’s next victory, outside of Arkansas? I don’t see a place where he would do better than South Carolina, a state where he had some natural advantages.

How about a McCain-Huckabee ticket?  

Huckabee stands by Copeland

Ok, this is not going to become a political blog; I do not have the time nor the inclination to keep up with the nuances of the campaigns. However, I do think the Huckabee emergence is quite interesting. There are multiple pitfalls that await and indeed he appears to be rising in polls and the minds of Republicans. One pitfall is the investigation of the Grassley Six and questions about Huckabee’s relationship with some of those targeted.

Who knows where the investigation will go but I thought this Time magazine article made a pretty good case that the outcome will be unlikely to impact very much the candidates endorsed by ministers and ministries — at least in the primaries. In the general election, anything will be fair game. I will be quite surprised if religion is not central to the reporting of the next election.

Scratch that: Dobson and Huckabee deny endorsement report (updated)

Rumors about a Dobson endorsement for Huck are false…

Updated: The Spectator stands by the earlier report while at the same time reporting Mr. Minnery’s denial. Sometimes in organizations these things are done to assess trustworthiness. Not saying that is what has happened here. Focus is a large organization and it is easy for misinformation to get around the water cooler. Tom Minnery is a straight shooter and I certainly trust that what he is saying. Dobson may be considering an endorsement but I won’t believe it until I see it. Now I do think he might be nearing a broadcast with Huckabee…

Also, see this AP report.