13 thoughts on “Gay minister to Embrace the Change with Obama, McClurkin”

  1. Ken,

    When I hear about the wrath of God I think about Hurricane Katrina – which spared the French Quarter but ripped the roof off of Dr. Kennedy’s Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. It makes me wonder why God’s wrath so often punishes those who are “good Bible-believing” anti-gays and so seldom punishes gay communities.

  2. Whenever I hear somebody invoking the “wrath of God” with respect to gay rights, I’m always reminded of a quote by Cheryl Jacques:

    “Since Massachusetts enacted gay marriage, they’ve won 2 Superbowls and a world series (now 2 world series)”

  3. As for Obama, this deal with Mcclurkin is hardly a big one. His larger issues are an inadequate handle on foreign policy and his youth and relative inexperience in politics. At a time when we are in a general state of tension with most of the Middle East, and in an active war that most of America finds distasteful, people are likely not going to focus so much on issues like gay/lesbian representations in religion.

    Does it really matter? All the Dems said they are for some type of civil union or same-sex couple recognition, all of them said they would repeal Don’t ask, Don’t tell. The little prop guys who “tour” with them hardly matter in the end. That’s about publicity, not what really gets done.

  4. Eric –

    You stated:

    “When the LGBT activists voice their views they are considered noble,courageous and brave. When ANY opposition is voiced, the views are labeled as hatred, bigotry, and homophobic. This is a blatant double-standard and gross hypocrisy… what happened to tolerance?”

    Well, I’m a christian woman married to another woman who comments regularly on this blog. I don’t criticize or call “homophobic” to anyone else here. So let’s be careful in who we criticize.

    There are many in the gay community who do criticize those who have struggled with same-sex attractions…while I am genuinely interested in the particulars (what differentiates an ex-gay from gay, bisexual, etc..), and while I want the methods used to not be harmful to the person, I am seeking understanding. There are also many in the church, who criticize and make blanket statements about those who are gay or lesbian. The bigotry seems to go both ways my friend.

    Also, I would question whether “tolerance” is adequate. If I were ex-gay, I wouldn’t want to be “tolerated,” I would want to be accepted the same as anyone else. Being in a same-sex relationship, I don’t want to be “tolerated” either. It’s an insulting notion, don’t you think?

    And for the record, I do think LGBT people who vocalize their stance are courageous. Actually, I think any oppressed minority who speaks their truth in a hostile world is brave….and that’s certainly not limited to LGBT people.

  5. The term “Christian” is, necessarily, a biblical one. So to label oneself a “Christian”, as does Sen. Obama, while stongly endorsing a clearly anti-biblical view of homosexuality is problematic for me (a black man, early 30s). This gives me a good idea of how biblical of a Christian he may be… that’s important.

    When the LGBT activists voice their views they are considered noble,courageous and brave. When ANY opposition is voiced, the views are labeled as hatred, bigotry, and homophobic. This is a blatant double-standard and gross hypocrisy… what happened to tolerance?

    God has the same unending, ferocious love for all LGBT people as He does for me – no doubt. He also respects the choice of everyone to ACT upon their own sinful nature (which we all have). God does not, however, endorse what He has called sin – and that’s for everyone (1 John 1:5).

    Ex-gays appear in scripture as a symbol of hope for those who struggle with that sin today (1 Corinthians 6:9-11 “… such WERE some of you…” >refers to Christians)

    Donnie McClurkin should stand more on quoting scripture and let the chips fall where they may!

  6. Donnie McClurkin MUST NOT have these concerts with Senator Obama. I have sent an email to Donnie’s website asking him NOT to hold any concerts because it would support the underline TRUTH of WHO Obama TRULY is. NO Christian would support a life style that is against GOD’s Word!

    Christians don’t vote based on Black or White, Republican or Democrat, Baptist or Pentecostal. Christian vote based upon the Word of GOD!!!

    Please note: America is in danager of the wrath of GOD if we continue to disobey HIS word. Has GOD changed or will change ? NO and NEVER!

    To everyone that struggles with these statements, let me share the simple TRUTH with you. GOD loves YOU so much he died for YOU. He sent HIS ONLY son ‘ JESUS CHRIST ‘ to give YOU a chance for ETERNAL LIFE.

    The Question is, Do you want to be saved ?

    If ANY person that claims to be your friend, knowing that what you are doing will bring DEATH – and does NOT share this with you to avoid hurting you. HE or HER is NOT a TRUE friend. JESUS CHRIST is a TRUE friend! He died for you so you don’t have to.

    Choose JESUS CHRIST as your personal SAVIOR Today and GOD will give you the power to OVERCOME death and have ETERNAL LIFE. Do it today, Heaven awaits you!



  7. Mike,

    The man was raped as a child. Give him a break. Of course, he is going to associate the two. And has he grown since those statments? When was this supposed boyfriend? Has McClurkin grown since that time. If he is supporting a candidate that supports gays then it would appear that he has made some changes?? Understanding that you can support a person’s rights even though you do not think there life is biblical is quite a huge step towards supporting individual rights.

  8. Mike,

    Is that his stance now? I can understand the concern if that is the case but I have read otherwise (hopefully from credible sources). Also, who and what is or are the anti-gay perspective Barak Obama is including – this gospel singer?

  9. I like that Obama is willing to include both gay and antigay perspectives in his campaign.

    However, the critics’ objections to McClurkin are *not* that he’s ex-gay. The critics object specifically to McClurkin’s association of homosexuality with pedophilia (he did not associate heterosexuality with pedophilia), and his accusation that gay people are a threat to kids, and his declaration of cultural/social warfare against fellow same-sex-attracted persons.

    I wish Obama had addressed that, and I wish PFOX had not lied in claiming that critics were simply trying to suppress ex-gay voices.

  10. This is an example of why Barak Obama is the best candidate for the president. He will move the country beyond divisive partisan politics.

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