NARTH convenes in Dallas

This morning, the Dallas Morning News has an article covering the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH). According to the article, the membership has decreased (now 800, from 1000) with a fairly small turnout for the conference (around 50). You can see the conference schedule here.

And here is another view of the conference and the protest by area gay groups.

4 thoughts on “NARTH convenes in Dallas”

  1. I was there for the protest Saturday morning. I held a megaphone and lead the chanting as we marched a semi-circle back and forth around the building. One of the chants: “Tell the truth! Stop the lies! ALL are equal in God’s eyes!” Funny that there were about as many of us outside protesting as there were inside attending the event.

  2. membership has decreased now 800, from 1000

    More evidence that natural selection never rests. 😎

  3. 50 is “fairly small?” Any smaller and it might resemble a family gathering…

    I see this as a hopeful marker if membership is down and individuals are not attending the conferences. This organization has been spinning, misleading, distorting and outright lying for far too long.

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