Love Won Out St. Louis: A crowd picture


The picture to the left shows just a little of the crowd in front of the Evangelical Free Church. I count about 40 people in this picture in the space of about half a block. This was at 7:48am CST. I think there were about 4 blocks about like this at that time with lots of people walking up and down the street.

3 thoughts on “Love Won Out St. Louis: A crowd picture”

  1. Oh hang on. Maybe we’re both getting all too Reparative Therapist “interpretive” here…

    To papaphrase Freud:

    Sometimes a bear is just a bear.

  2. I get 44. You are remembering to include the human(?) in a bear(?) suit, I hope.

    I guess it may have been the only warm outfit they owned. We aren’t all decked out like CK you know…

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