League of the South Gives Award Commemorating KKK Grand Wizard to Members for Street Fighting

At their conference in June, the League of the South gave the Nathan Bedford Forrest Award to Mathew Heimbach and Shane Long for their confrontation of May Day marchers in Washington, DC on May 1, 2013.  Nathan Bedford Forrest was the first Imperial Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and is an inspiring historical figure for the League.
Watch the first three minutes of the following video where League of the South president Michael Hill gives the Forest awards to Heimbach and Long for the confrontation on May Day.  Watch:

Before giving the awards, Hill said:

Earlier, during the awards ceremony, there were two young gentlemen who were set to get an award who were not here and I wanted to wait until they got here and give them the awards. As you’re going to learn from my next speaker, Shane Long, a group of our League folks, six young men and two young ladies, if I’m not mistaken, this past May the first, staged a little counter, uh, attack. I wouldn’t call it a protest. They really didn’t attack anybody, they were just holding our flags and carrying our message. And they faced off against, how many, 400? Four hundred communists, in the streets of Washington, D.C., and they held their ground, like good Southerners ought, and they turned that march of 400 communists on May Day around. Now that’s the kind of bravery and courage, and fortitude, and duty that I like to reward. So I’ve got two awards here and they read, the Forrest, as in Nathan Bedford, First with the Most Award, for active and aggressive, I like those terms, promotion of the cause of Southern independence.

On May 1, the International Workers of the World sponsored a May Day march in Washington D.C. The march was marked by sporadic violence and was winding down to a raucous end in front of the White House when the marchers were confronted by eight members of the League of the South.
Watch this Russia Today video of the confrontation (caution – profanity):

There are no good guys here, so my point is not to assign blame or credit. However, I think it is worth pointing out what the League of the South rewards. For those unclear, the marchers are the socialists and the those standing with the Confederate battle flag are the League members. Someone appears to be injured at the end of this video, but is not identified. It may have been Shane Long who is identified in this account as being in police custody, being uninjured but separated from the brawl.
Heimbach gained fame by founding a “white student union” at Towson State University.  Started in 2012 (with white nationalist Jared Taylor as first guest speaker), the organization made news through 2013 as in this CNN report:

Not only does the League identify with those who engaged in street fighting (“our folks”) but rewards them. And they do so with an award which commemorates the first KKK Grand Wizard.
Next year, awards might really be flying since they plan to go back the May Day protest, 2014.
Perhaps actions like these are why some people have reconsidered associations with the League of the South.
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