Common cause: Stop the Afghan “kill the Christians” movement

UPDATE: In addition to the group below, I have organized another group here. Please join and invite your network to join.

I have been saying for months that one powerful motive for Christians to care about the persecution of gays in Uganda is the common cause we have. Christians are persecuted the world over, primarily within governments based on Sharia law. Uganda’s lurch toward Levitical law should be troubling for those who treasure freedom of conscience and value Christian compassion. Christians should not victimize, nor should they be victims.

In Afghanistan, the situation is that in June, Afghan legislators called for execution of converts to Christianity and those who proselytize. Afghan Christians sent an open letter to the world’s Christian community asking for help. You can read the letter here at a Facebook group set up to support them. I have joined and I hope you will too.

International Christian Concern has several articles on their website. The most recent article details ominous threats from Afghan legislators and the President Karzai. It is disturbing that the US is pouring billions of dollars into Afghanistan at the same time.`