David Barton: There Are About A Dozen Colleges That Are Right

These days David Barton’s historical work would not well received at many colleges and universities. There are dozens of Christian academics, and many more outside of Christian settings, who have raised significant questions about Barton’s accuracy and conclusions. However on his broadcast yesterday (Oct. 16), he suggested that there are about a dozen Christian colleges which are receptive to him. Barton said:

There’s about a dozen universities out there across America that we know of and deal with that are right biblically cause they believe what the Bible says, they’re very pro-America, they’re very pro-Constitution, the Constitution that God was involved in that, that it reflects biblical values, and so those are the guys that are good to go to to get a perspective. And we thought you know, one of the theologian guys that is really good on this is also the president of a university, Oklahoma Wesleyan University which is a great university, one of these that’s, it’s right on the Bible, right on the Constitution, right on American history.

Barton then introduced Dr. Everett Piper as his speaker on theological liberalism.
For his part, Piper is glad to be endorsed by Barton, tweeting

What I get out Barton’s statement is that if you question Barton’s claims, then you are not right biblically, not pro-America, pro-Constitution, or right on American history.  Reminds me of his claim that those who question him are just repeating our pagan training.
I suppose it is encouraging that there are only 12 schools remaining that need to see the light.
I propose that there is a great divide between those (apparently) few evangelical schools which Barton approves and the others which he rejects. While we probably agree on many things, there may be a great difference in what students are learning in the history classes.