God Consults Gateway Church Pastor Robert Morris on Future of King's University

I have heard many things from megachurch pastors that made me do a double-take. The subject of this post ranks up near the top of the list. According to Apostolic elder Jack Hayford, God asked Morris if it would be all right for The King’s University to move to Gateway Church.  At Gateway’s First Conference going on now, Hayford made this claim. Watch:
According to Hayford (who Morris had just compared to the Apostle Paul), Morris wanted Hayford to relate the story:

Three weeks ago I was with the Lord in my morning time with Him and He said ‘Robert, if Pastor Jack asks you to have Gateway be the host site for the King’s University, would that be all right with you? And Robert said to me, ‘And I said to the Lord, yes.’

Hayford then called attention to the incredible claim that God asked Morris if the move would be all right by saying God had never asked Hayford for permission. He then joked that Morris was the 4th person of the Trinity.
Do you suppose the Lord called Jack Hayford, Pastor Jack? I wonder if He had a back up plan in case Morris said no. Apparently, Gateway is such a big deal that even God addresses the Apostolic elders as “pastor” and asks permission.