Witness says pastors bribed him to accuse Kayanja

This story from the UG Pulse is starting to sound like rumors I have been hearing for months.

One of the boys who was allegedly sodomized by pastor Robert Kayanja testified that he was used by pastor Solomon Male, Martin Sempa , Micheal Kyazze and pastor Bob Kayiya and a state house employee Anitah Kyomuhendo who was allegedly sent by Janet Museveni.

Robson Matovu confirmed court that pastor Kayanja has never sodomized him, he was just received a bribe from the said pastor to talk false information on him.

Matovu said that he was supposed to be paid 56million shillings after giving false information to Kayanja and out of 56 he received only 160,000shillings to buy a new phone which he handed over to police after pulling out from the deal.

Minister Nsababuturo was also behind the deal witness testified.

The Pastors are accused of conspiracy to cause injury to trade of pastor Robert Kayanja.

It’s alleged that the duo between December 2008 and 2009 at various places within Kampala conspired to cause injuries to the personality reputation and to trade of pastor Kayanja alleging that he was engaged homosexual practice.