Can't Get Enough Hillsong? Get Ready for the Hillsong Channel

Go watch the video pitching the enterprise. You can even donate.
If you watch, you will see some familiar faces.


To help market all things Hillsong, the megachurch signed a deal with the William Morris Agency. According to Billboard, the deal is the first with a major Hollywood agency and a church.

Lifestyles of the Rich, Famous, and Hillsong

Coming up in medium to small, mostly middle class churches, I have not experienced a lot of the excess I write about. Gospel for Asia lets hundreds of millions draw interest in banks, pastors make half-a-million plus, million dollar book advances for Christian books, lavish lifestyles, jet planes, etc.
But then yesterday, a reader sent a link to the Instagram account of Esther Houston, wife (is she really also a pastor?) of New York City Hillsong church pastor Joel Houston. The description is so hip.

Esther Houston

Super Cali Swagalistic Sexy Hella Dopeness *CREATIVE DIRECTOR of stuff*-Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s caffeine-

Whoo Who?
Warning: Some of this is NSFW

Hillsong Plans to Open Megachurch in Phoenix

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Oh boy; didn’t Brian Houston get the memo about Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church?
Hillsong plans to go big in the valley.

Hillsong Church, a global church founded in Australia with 15 locations and over 100,000 in weekly attendance, announces the launch of its third U.S. congregation in the Phoenix, Arizona, area on Feb. 21, 2016. The Phoenix site will initially offer six Sunday worship experiences on three campuses with additional sites under consideration.
“After 15 years of serving as a large, vibrant, multisite church in the Phoenix metro area, and after much prayer and planning, we are excited to announce that we have become the 16th global campus of Hillsong Church,” said Hillsong Phoenix Lead Pastors Terry and Judith Crist.

I know Phoenix is huge and growing but there is only so much oxygen, right?

Mark Driscoll Protested at Hillsong Conference

Not many showed up but a few passed out flyers and tried to make an issue of Mark Driscoll at the Hillsong London conference earlier today. Some pics from organizer Natalie Collins are available via this tweet:

You can also take in the twitter feed here.

Hillsong Protest Planned Over Mark Driscoll's Conference Interview

Even the last protest was small, it garnered wide coverage in Australia. Given the fact that most Australian reporters seemed to think Brian Houston had agreed not to feature Mark Driscoll during the recent conference in Sydney, the media may turn out for this event in a similar manner.  Here is the event description:

Please bring protest signs. We will be protesting peacefully! 

Under enormous pressure from pro women groups and others, Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston was very deceptive about cancelling an interview with misogynist and abuser Mark Driscoll at Hillsong Conference. We demand that Brian Houston publicly fully admit his intentional deceit and publicly apologise both for his deceit as well as for giving a gigantic platform to abusive power monger Mark Driscoll.

The event will take place at Hillsong Melbourne on Sunday (in Australia, Saturday here).
In October, Brian Houston is coming to Seattle.