What's Next for Mark Driscoll?

The first thing will be another video appearance.
This week Brian Houston plans to show his interview with Mark Driscoll to the audience at Hillsong’s London conference. Protesters will be there as well.

The transcript of the interview to be shown at the London conference is posted at the ChurchwatchCentral blog.
Driscoll’s next moves are unknown to him according to this interview with Houston. However, the Driscolls did enjoy a farewell party about 10 days ago in Seattle. Where could they be going? Some say Phoenix. In fact, several people say the Driscolls have been seen frequently around the Phoenix area this summer. I understand North Scottsdale is a beautiful part of Maricopa County in the Phoenix area.
In any case, much unfinished business remains at Mars Hill including how Global Fund dollars were spent and the results of the elders’ investigations.