Rolling Stone editor makes deadly position clear

Commenting on the tragic death of David Kato, Rolling Stone editor stated his political philosophy regarding gays and the government to the BBC.

Rolling Stone editor Giles Muhame told Reuters news agency he condemned the murder and that the paper had not wanted gays to be attacked.

“There has been a lot of crime, it may not be because he is gay,” he said.

“We want the government to hang people who promote homosexuality, not for the public to attack them.”

Public does it, condemnation. Government does it, good public policy. What are they teaching at Makerere U? If you want to see how low the person supported by Rev. Solomon Male can go, read this sordid accusation.

I certainly hope the UK provides refuge for Brenda Namigadde.

Uganda’s Rolling Stone editor pledges to publish more photos

According to Rolling Stone editor, Giles Muhame, the lawyer for the paper has cleared them to publish more pictures of gays.

An extraordinary meeting of Rolling Stone editors held last night resolved to publish dozens of photos of top lesbian couples in the country. “Since the judge did not post pone the interim order secured earlier by a host of homos, you can now expose them,” our lawyer said, as our editors smiled. Guys, prepare for another round of sensational optical nutrition…

Apparently, the Rolling Stone camp is taking this two week period between the hearing and the ruling as an opportunity to continue their campaign. Attorneys for the GLBT groups might need to get a restraining order soon to prevent more outings.

Uganda’s tabloid editor: American Rolling Stone files suit over use of name

According to UG RS editor, Giles Muhame, he was served with papers today during his hearing on the legality of outing gays.

Ten minutes after appearing in High court 2day 2 defend Rolling Stone’s right to publish photos of homosexuals, another batch of lawyers served me a new suit in which America’s Rolling Stone magazine is now accusing us of using “their name which has caused confusion!” Since we got registration certificate from registrar of companies, this US magazine will have to fight government. Pity them The dirty works of homos!

Elsewhere the CBC has a report of an interview with both Muhame and Bahati where Muhame channels Oklahoma law maker Sally Kern by saying

…homosexuality is now more dangerous than terrorism.



Uganda’s Rolling Stone blames terrorist attacks on gays

Escalating their war on homosexuality, Uganda’s Rolling Stone is blaming the Kampala bombings on gays, as well as making up links to terrorist Joseph Kony in the North. The following images are from the November 15-22 issue out now.

Click on the image on the right to read the Rolling Stone’s claims. As you will see, no sources are offered, no proof is provided. Perhaps in a nod to the recent court ruling in Uganda, the editors said that none of the bombings were carried out by people named in previous issues. That might be the only accruate statement in the entire article. However, a variety of terroristic activities are blamed on gays without any evidence whatsoever.

The article has no author and cites unnamed sources, but claims that the July attacks in Kampala during the World Cup were plotted by “deadly homosexuals living abroad.” The article claims homosexuals are angry that the government won’t respect their rights. The article claims without awareness of the contradiction that the government sent troops to Somali to cover the real story. The tale gets taller when the paper claims that homosexuals from the Middle East paid Somali terror group Al-Shabaab to bomb Kampala due to outrage over the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Finally, gays are blamed for funding the Lord’s Resistance Army who have committed atrocities in the North.

This is another disturbing development in a series of such happenings. I will have more to say about this Monday, but I spoke yesterday with the mover of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Hon. David Bahati, and he confirmed to me that he expects the bill to be considered during the lifetime of this parliamentary session. It seems likely that the Rolling Stone’s campaign is designed to increase pressure on the Museveni government, facing a surprisingly strong opposition heading into upcoming elections, to move the Anti-Homosexuality Bill toward passage (e.g., read the Rolling Stone’s editorial).

UPDATE: Boxturtlebulletin also has these images as well as images of one of the other tabloid focused on gays, The Onion. BTB provides one article acknowing that Martin Ssempa has lost support over his support of the AHB.

Ugandan Rolling Stone editor: Tabloid resumes publication on Friday (updated)

Giles Muhame, the managing editor of the Uganda tabloid, Rolling Stone, announced on his Facebook page that the paper would resume publication on Friday. Sounding defiant, Muhame said

An extraordinary meeting of The Rolling Stone management last nyt resolved we hit the streets this Friday irrespective of media council’s refusal to reconsider it’s decision of blocking our publication. We registered editor’s particulars on October15 but up to now they are “still consulting!!!” Our lawyers have given us a green light. Any attempts of confiscating the Stone will land someone in jail…YOU HAVE MY WORD..

Elsewhere, Muhame has promised that this issue will have more revelations. For instance, here in an exchange with Red Pepper publisher, Arinaitwe Rugyendo, Muhame promises that the outing campaign will continue:

Arinaitwe Rugyendo Eee Giles, the homos will shaft you one of these days…i saw Rolling stone rolling all over the world Sunday at 8:26am 

Muhame Giles General…they are panicking…we have shaken their dark world…wait for this week’s issue…unveiling all the dirty secrets and faces behind a new wave of homosexuality that is spreading like wild fire….
Sunday at 8:29am

For Uganda’s LGBT community, this is an ominous development. According to Frank Mugisha, people suspected of being gay were attacked after the first issue in the Hang Them campaign hit the street.

UPDATE 10/27/10: Cliff  Abenaitwe sent this message to members of the Rolling Stone Facebook group:

This Friday, uganda’s leading investigative news paper Rolling stone will hit the streets. look out for HOMOZ part 2, latest in politics, sports, investigations,entertainment, business and much more, only in the rolling stone- LEAVING NO STONE UNTURNED.