Ted Cruz Asks: When Have You Bled for Conservative Wedge Issues? Do You Have Clinton Fatigue?

Thanks to David Barton, a lot more people will now be watching what Ted Cruz donors are saying via the Keep the Promise Super PACs.
Just today, Keep the Promise One dropped an ad on You Tube. Cruz gets passionate about gun rights, the Iran deal, Obamacare, and immigration.
How can you tell a true conservative? Apparently, they have bled for conservative principles.
Sounds frightening.
The Keep the Promise plan for Cruz to win proposes that Cruz will do better among Hispanic voters than Romney did, but that he also needs to do better among married whites over 40. Given that Hispanics tend to favor Obama’s executive¬†orders on amnesty more than white voters, it seems Keep the Promise has decided which way to wedge, at least at this point in the process.
The Super PAC also dropped an ad aimed at Iowa:
Really? Cruz, a career politician is grouchy about career politicians?
And then there is this “ad” which coins a new diagnosis – Clinton fatigue.
I’ve seen dumber things, but not today.