Heartland Church purity siege video describes sexual identity struggle

Commenter isea metaphor referred to another video featuring a gay man involved in a Purity Siege in Cedar Springs area of Dallas.┬áThis man’s┬ástory does not involve a sudden change but rather he gives a sincere description of his inner experience of struggle between his sexual desires and his beliefs and faith.

In the comment section for this video, someone, perhaps James Stabile, with the name “jmstabile88” says:

I am living proof that the people above are not changing anybody. The guy in the cowboy hat is a gay regular at Round Ups.(a gay bar in Dallas) I have been “saved by them” and have come back to my life because I am telling you what they do is they “save you” and then ditch you. I tried to be straight and, I AM STILL A FLAMER. The only other thing I would say is JESUS never 1 time says gay people are going to hell.

No matter what your religious views, you have to empathize with the young man in the video, Greg and his sincere desire to find encourage in his faith and acceptance in his struggle.