Heartland Church purity siege video describes sexual identity struggle

Commenter isea metaphor referred to another video featuring a gay man involved in a Purity Siege in Cedar Springs area of Dallas. This man’s story does not involve a sudden change but rather he gives a sincere description of his inner experience of struggle between his sexual desires and his beliefs and faith.

In the comment section for this video, someone, perhaps James Stabile, with the name “jmstabile88” says:

I am living proof that the people above are not changing anybody. The guy in the cowboy hat is a gay regular at Round Ups.(a gay bar in Dallas) I have been “saved by them” and have come back to my life because I am telling you what they do is they “save you” and then ditch you. I tried to be straight and, I AM STILL A FLAMER. The only other thing I would say is JESUS never 1 time says gay people are going to hell.

No matter what your religious views, you have to empathize with the young man in the video, Greg and his sincere desire to find encourage in his faith and acceptance in his struggle.

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  1. Mike–

    I don’t see the connection between your first statement directed at me and the rest of your comment. I was speaking to Warren’s comments and to the video itself. It seems you are on another thread discussing heresy, phony healings, un-Christian witness and Oden coming across arrogant. If we need to discuss those issues, please steer me to the thread where we’re actually having that conversation. If we aren’t having that conversation on some other thread, please support the 4 charges.

    The point of this topic seems to be that there are needy people out there; what can be done to reach them? I’ve been puzzled for years as to why gay Christians don’t seem to evangelize much. Oak Lawn/Cedar Springs seems to be an ideal spot to focus such efforts.

  2. Eddy,

    I’m not sure whom you believe is disagreeing with Heartland’s evangelism.

    What bugs me about Heartland is, as I’ve said, its heresy, its phony healings, and ultimately its un-Christian witness. Evangelism is fine if the evangelists are behaving in a Christ-like manner. Oden behaved like an arrogant practitioner of magic tricks — not like the Jesus that I know.

  3. Jim’s comments puzzle me. What is the point behind suggesting that the young man was intoxicated? What are we supposed to presume or assume from this? Where does Jim’s comment re lying about age fit? There’s absolutely nothing in the story to support or negate such a charge. I don’t understand why Jim felt the need to inject this generalization.

    Warren makes an interesting point. The video depicts a younger (than me at least!) gay man who is out partying on a weekend. On the surface, even he isn’t always aware of his heart’s desire for God but–the singing draws him. The singers are Christians. It’s clear they believe that homosexual acts are sin and yet he feels love from them not condemnation. In the course of the awkward interview, the young man reveals that his heart has always desired to live a life pleasing to God but that his struggles with homosexuality interfered in a big way. I believe he represents many others who are in the same boat.

    Heartland takes its evangelistic message to many areas but its the outreach to gay areas that garners media attention. The young man demonstrates that there is a need to bring the Gospel message out on the streets; there are people ‘out there’ who are searching for answers. Some may disagree with Heartland’s view that homosexual behavior is sin but it’s clear that the young man already believed this himself. Nothing prevents gay Christians from reaching out as well. If one feels called to be ‘a fisher of men’, Oak Lawn/Cedar Springs is an excellent fishing spot.

  4. Jim,

    Not uncommon for those who hang out in gay bars.

    I’m kind of curious how you know this. Firsthand experience?

  5. “…you have to empathize with the young man.” Isn’t that prescriptive, Warren?

    1. The guy is obviously drunk (high or both). Most likely lying about his age, BTW. Not uncommon for those who hang out in gay bars.

    2. Obviously he has not reconciled his faith with his sexuality.

    3. jmstabile88 said, “I AM STILL A FLAMER” yes, indeed if who is in question. No pun on the “Fire” thing? Nothing like living up to the stereotypes as they say.

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