Brenda Namigadde remains in the UK – for now

The BBC is reporting just now that Brenda Namigadde will not be required to leave the UK tonight as had been planned. Here is more…

Lawyers for Ms Namigadde lodged papers at the High Court asking a judge to grant an injunction against her deportation, which was due to take place on Friday evening.

When the BBC spoke to Ms Namigadde by phone on Friday afternoon she was already being escorted to Heathrow airport.

Her lawyer, Abdulrahman Jafar, said he would argue that Ms Namigadde should be allowed to remain in the UK regardless of her sexuality.

“The press coverage about her activities certainly expose her to a real risk if she is to be returned to Uganda,” he said.

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The Home Office confirmed the granting of the injuction and said Ms Namigadde would not have to be deported on Friday night.