Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church Holds Open House Amid Protest

Four protesters and at least one news crew greeted Mark Driscoll’s debut in Phoenix on Sunday evening.

According to one protester, the police arrived to tell the picketers that the sidewalk was public property. On person on the scene estimated that about 40 cars were in the parking lot about 15 minutes before the service, some with Washington plates. Another thought more like 70 cars were in the lot by the beginning of the service.

Bob Sluys and Skip Rohl; source Bob Sluys
Bob Sluys and Skip Rohl; source Bob Sluys

Driscoll was interviewed by Jeff Van Sant at KPHO/KTVK – Phoenix. According to a report filed by Jeff Van Sant, Driscoll denied the charges in the RICO lawsuit.

Here is Van Sant’s report: 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

Driscoll says he has not been served the lawsuit. Then he says the charges are false and malicious. If he doesn’t know anything about it then how can he say anything about the nature of the charges. We know that the church used Result Source to prop up his book. He admitted that and stopped using the description of bestselling author because the scheme was made public. Furthermore, it is well documented that Mars Hill lawyers warned Sutton Turner against revealing how much of the Global Fund went to international mission work.

Some Protestants Might Show Up to Mark Driscoll's Church Easter Sunday

Plans are still coming together but at least one protestant will greet the Easter Sunday meeting of The Trinity Church on Sunday. Las Vegas resident and Mars Hill critic Bob Sluys plans to show up at The Trinity Church with signs to express his views about Mark Driscoll’s new venture.
Sluys has been busy making signs for the grand opening.
bob sluys
Driscoll has been advertising the first meeting with promises of a “free carnival.”

Well, everybody loves a carnival.
Those interested in what Sluys is doing, can contact him via email.

Will the Former Executive Elders of Mars Hill Church Face a RICO Lawsuit?

If Bob Sluys has his way, the necessary funds will be raised and a group of plaintiffs will bring the RICO lawsuit. For  more on the suit’s logic see this prior post (here also). Sluys created a video outlining the reasons he believes make the suit necessary. Watch:
About half of what is needed has been raised.
The church is apparently still disposing of assets without a public accounting of the Global Fund and where the disposed assets have gone.
The plaintiffs offered (and presumably still would pursue) mediation without success.
It appears that the basic question is: Did any church leaders use church funds to personally enrich themselves?