The Mars Hill Church Board of Elders and Board of Advisors and Accountability

As the investigation of the some of the charges against Mark Driscoll continues, I thought it might be helpful to have a list of elders who make up the investigating committee (Board of Elders) and the decision making body (Board of Advisors and Accountability).

Board of Elders – This board was convened by the executive elders (Mark Driscoll, Sutton Turner, and Dave Bruskas and the Board of Advisors and Accountability (see below). They were not elected by their peers but appointed by their superiors. Matt Rogers (who has apparently already made up his mind) is the chair of this board.

Pastor Ed Choi – Installed at Rainier Valley as lead pastor in March 2014.
Pastor Aaron Gray – Installed at Shoreline as lead pastor in March 2014.
Pastor Bubba Jennings – Lead pastor at Tacoma, been at Mars Hill since 2001.
Pastor Alex Ghioni – Lead pastor at Sammamish since 2011.
Pastor AJ Hamilton – Formerly interim lead pastor at Downtown Seattle, currently pastor at Huntington Beach, CA; served since 2001.
Pastor Matt Rogers (Chair) – Volunteer and former interim pastor at Bellevue.
Pastor Miles Rohde – Lead pastor at the new Spokane campus.
Pastor Tim Smith – Lead pastor at Portland campus; been at Mars Hill Church since 1999.

Board of Advisors and Accountability – Phelps, Osborne, Van Skaik, and Rogers are technically considered independent members. Phelps has donated more money to Mars Hill Church than any other person, and Matt Rogers has already publicly stated his view of the charges. Van Skaik and Osborne have had similar charges placed before them in the past. They said they took them seriously but did not call any witnesses regarding them. On that basis, they dismissed the charges. The so-called independent members of the BOAA are the ones who will decide how to handle the report generated by the BOE.

Jon Phelps
Larry Osborne
Michael Van Skaik (Chair)
Matt Rogers
Dave Bruskas
Mark Driscoll (on leave)

As I reported yesterday, the charges filed by the 21 former elders are being reviewed while the charges made by nine then-current elders are not being reviewed.

What is incredible about the BOE is that at least three of them have been around since 2001 (Smith since 1999). They have seen at least some of the actions which have formed the basis for charges against Driscoll. In other words, they are witnesses as well as investigators. This is significant since they have witnessed the actions and did not join in submitting charges. How can they investigate charges which they have ignored for years?