David Barton Says He Translated for the Russian National Gymnastics Team in 1976

I say prove it.

Today. Barton told co-host Rick Green that he was once fluent in Russian and translated for the Russian National Gymnastics Team in 1976. His fluency has left him now he says, but at one time he was called on to translate for Russian gymnasts.

Color me skeptical.

David Barton told Charis Bible College students that he played Division One basketball for Oral Roberts University. Oral Roberts University said he didn’t. He has said many outrageous things and this adds to the list.

I hope some of his supporters will start to get a little nervous and call for some evidence. His claim to be a Division One basketball player was not contested by any of his allies or by anyone in the mainstream Christian press. However, ORU said it wasn’t true.

Barton graduated from Oral Roberts University in 1976. The Russian team was in Montreal from mid-July to early August for the Olympics.
Maybe this will be the one that will turn out to be accurate; we’ll see if Barton offers any evidence.