Come Hear the Most Recognized Christian Historian in America

I am not sure what the promoters mean by “most recognized” but I think they mean it in a good way. Sorry, real Christian historians, to make you cringe but you all probably need to make some noise if you don’t like this. The promoter’s name, email and phone number are right there in the ad.
He also says “a national news organization has described him as ‘America’s historian.'” I would like to know what news organization did that. I have never found the original source.
I don’t buy it.  Someone who had earned the title America’s historian or the most recognized Christian historian would not say the following:

  • The Constitution quotes the Bible verbatim
  • Congress printed the first English language Bible
  • Of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 27 had seminary degrees
  • Virginia law always forbid slave owners to free slaves
  • Unitarian doctrine once included a Trinitarian concept of God
  • Violent crime has increased 694% since 1963
  • William Penn founded the Quakers
  • The Jefferson Bible includes all the recorded words of Jesus
  • Thomas Jefferson founded the Virginia Bible Society
  • Moravian missionaries were in Massachusetts before 1840
  • The NRA was started to arm freed blacks against the KKK
  • There isn’t a vaccine for HIV because God promised to punish gays with HIV

America’s historian probably wouldn’t tell people Simon & Schuster plans to publish a book when the publisher has no plans to do so. Such an historian would not make up a mythical college basketball career playing Division One NCAA college ball for a record-setting team.