V.P. Mike Pence Lauds Donald Trump's Leadership at Grove City College Commencement

Today was Commencement at Grove City College where I teach psychology. We had a super graduating class of Seniors who are going to do great things in their professions and graduate schools around the world. It was a good day for them, even with all of the extra security measures designed to keep us and Vice President Pence safe. My appreciation goes out to the secret service and other law enforcement agencies who participated.
Vice President Pence gave a motivational speech with the theme of leadership. He exhorted the graduates to be leaders. Then, contrary to what I thought his speech was going to be about, he invoked Donald Trump. Watch:

You know, you need to look no further than a friend of mine as an example of leadership and perseverance. The 45th president of the United States of America, President Donald Trump.
Since the first day of our administration, and in the great tradition of this college, our president has been freeing the American economy by rolling back the hand of big government, he’s been expanding educational choice opportunities to some of our most disadvantaged children. He’s been rebuilding our military, restoring safety to our streets and I can’t tell you how proud I am to be Vice President to a President who stands without apology for the sanctity of life and all of the God given liberties in the Constitution of the United States.
And as the president said just about a week ago in a ceremony just like this, and I quote, ‘nothing worth doing ever came easy, following your convictions,’ he added, ‘means you must be willing to face criticism from those who lack the courage to do what’s right.’ So I say to all the graduates here today, don’t fear criticism. Have the humility to listen to it, learn from it, and most importantly, push through it.

I am not going to editorialize much; I think this speaks for itself. I also trust our graduates to compare what was said today with what they have been taught over the past four years and choose well.
The entire speech has been posted on Youtube:

Vice President Mike Pence to Speak at Grove City College Commencement (VIDEO)

GCC LOgoTonight at the Baccalaureate ceremony, the signs of V.P. Mike Pence’s arrival were all around. Security will be tight tomorrow.
Reaction here has been on the positive side but some students and faculty have registered their displeasure with the regular politically oriented (GOP) Commencement speakers at GCC. Others are upset that anyone from the Trump administration was invited.
Today, a current student had an opinion piece expressing objections to the Pence invitation published by the New York Times.
My understanding is that demonstrations may happen but I doubt they will be large. I plan to post a report tomorrow afternoon.
Pittsburgh media filed this report at 11pm.


Thank yous

From the care I received at Grove City Medical Center’s Emergency Room to the heart care and recovery at Butler (PA) Health System, I have a lot of people to thank for my current positive recovery from open heart surgery.

Small town ERs sometimes get criticism but, in my case, the GCMC team performed extremely well. Then, my primary care physician and friend Ed Smith bypassed the 聽oft-recommended stress test and went right to the heart catheterization. I was then transferred to Butler Health Systems for that procedure. Dr. Sunder Rao performed the test and found three blockages of 80-90%. There is no fixing such a problem other than triple bypass surgery. The surgical team of Dr. Antonio Sortino did the procedure. I am now being followed by Dr. Samer Azouz’s who has a well earned reputation as a fine cardiologist. 聽The care I received at the Butler hospital was outstanding. I am thankful for all of these physicians, nurses, therapists, aides, etc.

There is more commentary I could make on health care in the U.S. but I will save that for later. I still need some distance and time to reflect on the situation. 聽It has only been two weeks since the ordeal began.

I am so indebted to my friends and family. If I can do it, I want to write something more about my family in a future post. I will just say that I have been thinking a lot about what the term “pro-family” means. As I look at my family, I can’t think of a bunch who is more pro-family than the Throckmorton clan, even though some of us would not be considered pro-family by culture warriors.

And again to those who read about my situation, thanks for your prayers and good thoughts.

Health care reform controversy comes to Grove City

Yesterday, Grove City got involved.

Americans for Prosperity rolled through town collecting signatures on a petition opposing more government control of health care.

I wrote about the visit at World Magazine, just up today. Actually, I wrote the article sitting in the Four Star Pizza. They’re all wireless and tasty in there.


Unpaid protester

GC crowd

People waiting to sign the petition


Americans for Prosperity bus