India’s Government Raids Believers Church in Thiruvalla

The Hindu has this report of raids on headquarters of K.P. Yohannan’s Believers Church.

Makes me wonder when the U.S. authorities are going to come calling on Gospel for Asia.

GFA says they have no legal ties with Believers Church but K.P. Yohannan is in charge of both groups. Also, for years, GFA sent money to Believers Church via front groups in India. They were finally caught doing that and lost their government registration in 2017 (as the Hindu article says).

This all started with a group of former staffers who dared to question what GFA did. I got involved in 2015. It has been downhill from there for GFA.

4 thoughts on “India’s Government Raids Believers Church in Thiruvalla”

  1. And so the ball keeps rolling, very slowly downhill. There is just too much money here for the Indian government to ignore.

  2. i see where K. P. has published a new book in 2020, and is in the news also in a “round table “ discussion with francis chan and hank the bible man. It appears that he is continuing business as usual, most likely attributing any legal troubles or bad publicity as attacks from satan.

    the list is getting longer of those who appear to desire riches from the gospel that calls for putting others before oneself, as well as humility, self sacrifice, and a guarantee of persecution. I believe the wolves in sheep’s clothing, the charlatans, should be called out, but it appears that their judgement may not take place until their deaths. be wary.

    1. The judge declined to certify the class and the case was dismissed.

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