David Barton Gets Called Out in Colorado

There isn’t much new here for regular followers of this blog, but I just wanted to give a shout out to Rich Allen and the Aspen Daily News.

David Barton and friends have been traveling around the country on a post-COVID, pre-midterm election scare out the vote tour. Reporter Allen and the Daily News folks were on top of it. Allen noted that Barton’s 2012 book on Jefferson “was voted the least credible history book in print by the independent History News Network.” Oh, and Allen just happened to cite a certain blogger and his co-author, who opined on Barton’s The Jefferson Lies. What was it The Blogger and Michael Coulter said?

“Barton misrepresents and distorts a host of Jefferson’s ideas and actions, particularly his views and practices regarding religion, slavery and church-state relations,” they said in a co-statement.

As good as Allen’s article was, it could have gone a little deeper. I wish some enterprising reporter would do a deep dive into Barton’s fleeting claim to have an earned doctorate. Of course that turned out to be a big old story about as true as his NCAA basketball story.

In any case, readers in that part of the country have a little more of the story than people usually get when Mr. Barton shows up.

10 thoughts on “David Barton Gets Called Out in Colorado”

  1. woah…Metaxes was just shown in a video at the Jan 6 hearing. He’s clearly seen on stage standing prominently behind an Oath Keeper speaker (guy w/ the eye patch) talking about martial law and bloodshed happening if Trump doesn’t do anything. Nice company he was keeping.

      1. yeah – Eric was very much on stage behind him as seen in video presented in that day’s hearings

      2. yeah – Eric was very much on stage behind him as seen in video presented in that day’s hearings

  2. I think the article should have mentioned Barton’s book was pulled by the publisher due to all the factually incorrect claims it made.

  3. I love that “scare out the vote tour” phrase… In capital letters, it would make a nice stamp to rubber-stamp onto quite a few religious right outfits. It’s pretty much all they do 24/7…

  4. Good article in The Aspen Daily News. Birds of a feather, all gathering together to Lie For Jesus.

  5. Point of personal pride: The Aspen Daily News was started by a good friend of mine, David Danforth. I lived in Aspen at the time it was founded, and Dave was a roommate, and also my boss at KSPN radio. It has the best motto of any newspaper I’ve heard: “If you don’t want it printed, don’t let it happen”.

    Glad to see they’re still on top of things. (Dave sold the paper some years ago.)

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