Happy Earth, Wind & Fire Day!

It is the 21st of September so you know what that means?

Earth, Wind, & Fire Day!

If there’s a better band, I don’t know who it is. I hope your 21st of September is memorable.

“Do you remember, 21st night of September?”

5 thoughts on “Happy Earth, Wind & Fire Day!”

  1. For some weird reason the video link on your main pages goes to a clip of David Barton claiming to have an “earned Doctorate”

      1. at:


        where it lists all your blog posts. the top of the page listing your latest post (this one) shows a link to Barton talking about his “earned degree” (which is from a much earlier post you made).

        However, on this page


        it shows the “September” video.

        I suspect it is just some odd attribute of the website that has gotten the video links mixed up.

        1. weird looks like it is must something screwy with my particular browser, cause when I use a different one, no problem.

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