The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Church: The Podcast

Mike Cosper and Christianity Today¬†are launching a timely podcast series titled “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill.

Here is the teaser:

I look forward to hearing what Mike has put together. I was interviewed for the series and I know others who provided insight to it. Mike also has first hand experience at the church. This series comes at a time when Mark Driscoll and his current church in Phoenix is in the news. Some of the same issues are being raised by former staff and members of The Trinity Church as were raised during 2007-2014 by Mars Hill Church members and staff.

Although not a podcast, a companion series in real time is my Postcards from Phoenix series underway on the blog.

I urge you to subscribe to the podcast and listen along.

This second teaser came out June 7.

6 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Church: The Podcast”

  1. We already have the rise of The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, next comes the fall. The original church there failed. It was replaced by a Word of Faith church that was there when I was last there. It failed soon after I left. Now comes the third. When that fails will it be three strikes and it is out? The Trinity Church AOG that was once nearby is now gone. People get your popcorn as the weird saga continues…

    1. Did Driscoll take the “Trinity Church” name from a previous AOG congregation nearby in Scottsdale? Or maybe just a harmless coincidence.

      Maybe Driscoll should just revert to naming it Mars Hill, as he’s still just as abusive today.

      1. I doubt he is even aware of an earlier Trinity Church in Scottsdale. WenatcheeTheHatchet has his own opinion about where the name came from. To me it is just endlessly ironic that my former church died just months before the name was resurrected by Pastor Paranoia. The other one changed names twice in an attempt to stay above water in its last years.

  2. It will be interesting to see Driscoll’s reaction to the podcast. Somehow I don’t think he was interviewed for it, but I wonder if it uses any recordings of him.

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