Eric Metaxas Named in Defamation Suit by Dominion Voting Systems Employee

Update (12/23) – Eric Metaxas just tweeted this YouTube video doubling down on his allegation about vote alteration against Eric Coomer. I wonder who is giving Metaxas advice.


Yesterday, it was made public that Eric Coomer, a staffer at Dominion Voting Systems, has filed a defamation suit against the Trump campaign, Gateway Pundit, Newsmax, and One America News Network. Of interest to regular readers here is that Bonhoeffer author and Trump court evangelical Eric Metaxas was also named in the suit.

Twitter user jpweigand posted this link to the suit:

Metaxas’ loose allegations and fight to the death mentality may require him to pay some green to Dr. Coomer. Coomer has received death threats and is in hiding right now. We shall see how confident all of these yahoos are in their accusations about Dominion Voting Systems. If they have proof of algorithms switching votes and fraud, then I say to them: defend yourself in court. They don’t and they won’t is my prediction.

Specifically, Metaxas is included in the suit because he interviewed uncritically Joe Oltmann, the man who said Coomer promised Antifa Trump would lose the election: (The Eric Metaxas Radio Show, Joe Oltmann Discusses How A Security Genius at Dominion Voting Promised Antifa Members a Trump Loss, YOUTUBE (Nov. 24, 2020). According to Coomer, Metaxas did not contact Coomer nor attempt to corroborate any of the information.

It will be interesting to see if Metaxas backpedals on these claims. He has some prior experience on that.

Update: As noted in the update at the beginning of the post, Metaxas has doubled down on his allegation that Eric Coomer altered votes. He posted this video to Twitter as if to say Coomer admitted something.

The problem for Metaxas is that Coomer doesn’t explain anything about changing anybody’s vote. This isn’t going to be any kind of defense for Metaxas. And when Coomer shows the court what kind of rabble Metaxas is rousing (see below for a tiny sampling), it shouldn’t take much to establish that Metaxas has hurt Coomer’s reputation.

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  1. Did you miss the part about adjudication? You know adjudicated ballots can be changed to anything? What about the part about it being connected to a network?

    1. what about them? And what systems where connected to a network when the voting was occurring?

      Chumming the waters with random nonsense may play well in front of the cameras, however, when you get in front of a judge, you need actual evidence and it is clear from all the cases that were tossed there is no actual evidence.

  2. Question for anyone with reliable news from Calvary Chapel at Albuquerque and pastor Skip Heitzig spreading Covid to several congregants and then covering up the outbreak. Some sources are suggesting Calvary may be experiencing their second outbreak. Can anyone confirm this?

    1. It would not surprise me.
      John MacArthur(?), SoCal Megapastor and Righteous Anti-Masker, has been accused to the exact same thing.

      1. More recently, people are leaking what has been kept from the press: that Heitzig tested positive for COVID and then exposed up to 30 congregants, all while shaming people for not attending his super-spreader auditorium.

          1. This is what a handful of people are reporting from Albuquerque, yes. And I was told there is a statewide petition circulating now condemning both Skip Heitzig and Calvary Chapel Albuquerque. But I can’t find news reports to confirm this. Hoping someone who frequents this site could confirm–or maybe Dr. Throckmorton, if he’s feeling better, and has the right connections.

          2. Not much of a stretch.

            They already worship a God and Christ who are basically Cosmic Donald Trumps.

            Oh, and did I mention There Can Be NO Salvation Outside of Calvary Chapel?

          3. U.S. White Nationalist Evangelicals worship a triune deity of Trump, Aries/Mars, and Thanos.

          4. Soon to be the Trump Train Crash!

            Happy New Year! (At least there’s one thing to celebrate: a train wreck that will save lives rather than destroy them.)

          5. Well, it is now looking as if Trump’s behaviour has helped to secure total victory … for the Democratic Party!

      2. Basically, you have to meet because GAWD says so.

        Sounds like Calvary Chapel, AKA God’s ONLY True Church.

        I live near CC ground zero, and in the Eighties CC DOMINATED Christianese AM Radio out here.

        There could be NO Salvation outside of Calvary Chapel. Literally.

  3. “Eric Metaxas just tweeted (a) YouTube video doubling down on his allegation about vote alteration against Eric Coomer.”

    Well, he *can’t* admit he was wrong – that’s a bridge too far. So he keeps plowing on and gets sued. If he wins the suit, great. If he loses, he gets to play the persecution card and raise even more money. It all makes sense – if you have no moral compass that is…

    1. Yeah, just keep providing that evidence, Eric Metaxas. I’m sure Coomer’s attorneys have their paralegals watching your every move.

  4. O/T

    Ravi Zacharias International Ministries released a statement late 23/12/20 regarding the investigation.

    “…However, while the investigation remains ongoing and is not expected to be completed until January or February, yesterday we received a brief interim update on the investigation we felt we needed to share (attached). Sadly, the interim investigation update indicates this assessment of Ravi’s behavior to be true—that he did indeed engage in sexual misconduct….”

    “,,,RZIM will publicly release the Miller & Martin report as given to the Board as soon as possible after the investigation is complete. In the meantime, we share your compassion for any victims of this conduct, and we appreciate your prayers for them and also for Ravi’s family who have been devastated by this information….”

  5. Just read the CNN article on the lawsuit (funny Fox doesn’t seem to be covering it at all). The article doesn’t actually name Metaxas, he just get lumped in with the “among others.”

    I wonder how he’ll feel about that: happy that he isn’t being publicly associated with the suit, or upset that he wasn’t important enough to actually be named.

    1. (funny Fox doesn’t seem to be covering it at all).

      Because it’s All Fake News.

  6. O/T: From Hemant Mehta: Judge rules that CA-based Harvest Rock Church and its 160 “member churches” were not being persecuted by the state’s COVID restrictions.

    Plaintiffs … claim that Tier 1 “totally prohibit[s] religious worship services of any kind and any number”… This is not true. The First Amendment has not taken a sabbatical. Californians may still worship, attend services, pray, and otherwise exercise their religious freedoms. They just may not do so in ways that significantly increase the likelihood of transmission of a virus which has claimed more than three hundred thousand American lives in less than one year. The Constitution is not a suicide pact. The First Amendment may not be used to make it one.

    1. My church (Romish Papist with Satanic Death Cookies) has been Livestreaming services since March. During the summer lull, they reduced the frequency of Livestreams as they restarted holding in-person Mass — outdoors under open-sided tents in the parking lots, masks and distancing mandatory, with anyone high-risk or over 65 told to stay home and use the Livestream instead. That’s how things stand right now; our Bishop has been infected, no further info available.

  7. I’m thinking that Eric Metaxas wanted to run with the big boys, and here we are. I have absolutely no sympathy for him at this point, he bought into this crazy. He wants to be a martyr for Donald Trump, so he can be. What a waste of a Yale degree. Even writing for Veggie Tales was a better use!

    1. I’m thinking your right. He mistook them for the “cool guys”, and he wants into the clique.

    2. Just to be clear, considering what Eric has done over the past decade or so, Veggie Tales was a great use of his Yale degree. He’s since used it to churn out a garbage bio of Bonhoeffer and all sorts of Trump worship.

  8. I cast a weather eye on a lot of defamation litigation: It can easily be used as a tool of intimidation and suppression. But between this and the demands made against Fox, Newsmax and OANN by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, I wonder if we haven’t found the perfect instrument to stop this insanity.

    To anyone with a modicum of common sense, claims that people like Coomer would be in communication, let alone cahoots, with “Antifa” is laughable. Did he call 1-800-ANTIFA and ask for the Head Communist? Antifa is a movement, not an organization as such, with no known centralized direction. The Lunatic Right nonetheless assumes that there is a network of liberal malefactors, headed by the apparently all-powerful George Soros, a man who stands in for the entirety of the Jewish people in antisemitic circles. Only people wholly ignorant of reality, which the extreme Right is, could maintain such delusions. (They are likewise uninformed about the FBI, the CIA, and the federal government itself.) These are now Metaxas’ people. And Metaxas is enthusiastically walking himself into a series of devastating judgments. (Maybe he’ll have to write a book called What They Don’t Want You To Know About Bonhoeffer!, though I doubt it would pay even a noticeable fraction of the damages.)

    So if it takes bankrupting these idiots through defamation suits, let’s have at it. Fox News doesn’t need the aggro, though they might be able to withstand a few adverse judgments. Fox News is a business, though, and its legal department doubtless laid out the grim reality to the Murdochs, who then said shut Dobbs, Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham and Pirro up. Newsmax is a fringe organization with nowhere near the assets of a Fox News. One or two adverse verdicts would shut it down completely. Ditto OANN.

    And they deserve it, as do Powell and Giuliani and Ellis and Jim Hoft and the Trump Boys. For far too long they have been spewing lies and smearing people and corporations with absolutely no factual basis, let alone evidence. They have been aiding and abetting every fool who thinks the Constitution requires the murder of any liberal or public servant.

    Shut them up. Shut them down.

    1. To anyone with a modicum of common sense, claims that people like Coomer
      would be in communication, let alone cahoots, with “Antifa” is

      But that’s what The Vast Conspiracy WANTS you to think.

      “If your Conspiracy Theory doesn’t fit the facts — INVENT A BIGGER CONSPIRACY!”
      — Kooks Magazine

      Until everyone in the world except your little Clique of Illuminati (who alone KNOW what’s REALLY Going On) is part of the Vast Conspiracy.

      — from Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle

  9. I didn’t realize Metaxas was was named in the suit as well. This should be good.

    And since it is the “Trump Campaign” rather than Trump directly, he can’t try to get the Justice dept to intervene on his behalf. Nor will Trump be able to “hide in the oval office” in an attempt to delay giving depositions.

    1. A number of defamation attorneys have said that Coomer’s case is unusually strong. Same with Dominion and Smartmatic, if they go ahead and file.

      1. My guess is Dominion is using Coomer to test the waters on a lawsuit.

        Smartmatic has already gotten a retraction from Fox. I suspect they are pushing on the other “new sources” to do the same.

      2. My guess is Dominion is using Coomer to test the waters on a lawsuit.

        Smartmatic has already gotten a retraction from Fox. I suspect they are pushing on the other “new sources” to do the same.

        1. Apparently Dominion and Smartmatic aren’t planning to stop at retractions. They intend to go for serious damages.

          As a stratagem, this can be powerful. The depositions alone could be devastating. The defendants have nothing to fall back on: This was invented nonsense by people who cared nothing about how their false accusations hurt real people, to say nothing of the country. And the economic damage is brutal too – how’d you like to be selling Dominion systems to local governments right about now?

          And Metaxas has admitted, as publicly as possible, that he has no proof of his claims. He’s screwed.

          1. I suspect all of them are screwed on this, and they deserve it.

            Frankly, I’m surprised Alex Jones and Infowars wasn’t named on the suit.

          2. I haven’t followed Alex Jones on this election, though I feel confident that anything he says is both false and insane. His record leads me to no other conclusion. But I don’t know if he’s talked specifically about Coomer. If so, Coomer can always amend his complaint.

            What still astonishes me is the ease with which these people will lie and confabulate with no care about whom they hurt. This has bit Jones in a number of lawsuits (at least five I know of), though I can’t find what’s going on in the Pozner case, in which he’s already been fined $100K for pretrial behavior.

            As for Metaxas, I don’t know if he has the financial wherewithal to survive this. If he has a lawyer, he clearly didn’t follow that lawyer’s advice to STFU. If he doesn’t have a lawyer, he’s in for some nasty surprises.

          3. In the Sandy Hook case Jones was stalling as long as he could. Last I heard (back in Sept) he ran out of delaying tactics and it was supposed to go to trial, but I haven’t seen anything scheduled since then.

          4. The pandemic has brought civil trials all but to a halt in most jurisdictions. Jones’ trials have most likely been delayed indefinitely.

          5. “Limited Nuclear War — limited to all major cities.”
            — Weird Eighties SF novel World Enough, and Time.

          6. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought civil trials all but to a halt in most jurisdictions. Jones’ trials have most likely been delayed indefinitely until vaccination is widespread and/or cases are far less than they are now.

          7. What still astonishes me is the ease with which these people will lie and confabulate with no care about whom they hurt.

            Never underestimate the Arrogance and Entitlement of God’s Special Pets.
            “TOUCH NOT MINE ANOINTED!!!”

          8. I remember when JMac of Chicago was suing Julie Roys for exposing his corruption; his brag and bluster turned into full-honk drop-the-suit retreat when he found out about “Discovery”, where the defendant’s counsel can subpoena the plaintiff and plaintiff’s witnesses for under-oath depositions. (That’s what you get for using Mancow’s DUI lawyer for big-bucks tort cases.)

          9. Though in this case, it’s the plaintiff’s (Coomer’s) counsel who can do the same for the defendants (Metaxas et al) and their witnesses.

          10. I thought Mancow was the whistleblower. Doesn’t he deserve some credit? Or am I overlooking something?

          11. If you didn’t hear him on the radio spewing nonsense for years, you can’t really understand.

          12. Oh I had no idea who Mancow was until Dr. Throckmorton’s brief coverage in the context of the disgraced pastor James MacDonald. Guess I’m lucky I was spared such radio nonsense.

        2. Law & Crime has all of the retraction and demand letters currently sent out by Dominion to a LOT of people/organizations. There are 21 of them. I think Dominion is moving separately from Coomer.

          Law & Crime singles out the letter sent to Mellisa Carone as being particularly brutal and puts it into its own story.

          And then Law & Crime (but the Washington Post also has the story) has the saga of Terpsichore “Tore” Maras-Lindeman, promoted by Sidney Powell as some sort of expert witness in her election cases but who was involved in a charity scam three years ago.

          You must, must, must scroll down for at least the first page of the civil case findings of fact, if only to see how many aliases this woman operated under (I count 13). These are the witnesses Giuliani, Ellis and Powell are bringing out.

          1. that was great. My favorite was the letter to M. Carone, Giuliani’s “star witness” who presented herself as a computer tech for Dominion, which states:

            when in reality you were hired through a staffing agency for one day to clean glass on machines and complete other menial tasks.

            I also note in the letter to Giuliani they specifically state he is to preserve all affidavits whether he used them or not. I strongly suspect they plan on showing Giuliani got a lot of sworn affidavits he knew were false (and didn’t use) and use that to show how he should have been more careful in verifying the affidavits he did use (ex. Carone’s).

            I noticed Metaxas wasn’t listed in the Dominion letters (at least not yet). So I imagine right now he is pretty happy to be “among others”, but still crapping his pants about when he might get his own letter.

  10. I don’t know if it would be advantageous, but what if other election workers, including elected Georgia officials (many Republicans) joined this suit to make it a class action against this cabal of dirt-bags? Whatever works, I hope and Pray that all of these election fraud conspirators like Metaxas pay large amounts of $$$ and public shame for getting on that crazy train. Hold them accountable! They can’t be allowed to get away with this incitement of violence on their fellow countrymen.

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