Eric Metaxas Predicts Bumpy Ride to Second Trump Inauguration; Bonhoeffer Partners with My Pillow

Even after the Electoral College voted to elect Joe Biden as the next president, former Christian intellectual Eric Metaxas insists Trump will have a second term.

The new strategy is for the House and Senate to overturn the vote of the people.

A few Trumpublican Congressmen and Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) plan to contest the Electoral College vote. Surely, this won’t go anywhere because both the House and Senate would have to vote to negate the vote. This will not happen.

It is worth noting that one of Metaxas’ new favored resources is the Epoch Times, a newspaper tied to the religious group Falun Gong. On the upside, the Falun Gong opposes the Chinese Communist regime; on the downside, the Epoch Times has embraced QAnon and other conspiracy theories, including the voter fraud claims. Instead of questioning the sources, Metaxas appears to seek sources which feed him what he wants to hear.

It is hard to see where Metaxas goes after this is over. Here is a clue:

If you click the link in the tweet, you go to an ad for a My Pillow “Anniversary Addition” of his Bonhoeffer book.

Bonhoeffer selling pillows; pillows selling Bonhoeffer. Doesn’t seem fair that Bonhoeffer doesn’t even get a My Pillow with him as he is turning over in his grave.

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  1. “Former Christian intellectual”…to which does the word “former” apply? Never mind…I think we know the answer to that.

  2. Metaxas is kind of like an evangelical Geraldo Rivera: all over the map ideologically and theologically, but the most dangerous place to be is between him and the cameras.

    1. During the Nineties, Geraldo was the face of the “Nuts and Sluts” TV talk show movement.

      1. Quite rightfully so. Of course Jerry Springer was a Democratic Mayor of Concinatti and was once considering a run for Governor of Ohio, too.

    1. More like he realized Trump’s delusions are getting worse and once he is out of power, people are going to be taking a closer look at his enablers.

      Robertson is just the 1st rat off the sinking ship.

      1. Let the rats run! But Robertson’s realization is a good thing, and I respect him for effectively admitting that he was wrong in October when he predicted a Trump victory. It, along with McConnell’s acceptance of the Electoral College’s votes, also shows that the ‘opposition’ is fragmenting nicely …

        Biden’s ‘above the fray’ attitude is an intelligent approach, IMO. While I felt he was a lacklustre candidate, I can now see that his enormous experience as a politician and statesman can be of great value to the United States at this time.

  3. Falun Gong pulling a “Moonie” type thing. Back in the day – the reverend Sung Myung Moon (spiritual leader of the Moonies) purchased the Washington Times- as a conservative alternative to the Washington Post.
    Moon was the guy who said he was the actual Messiah and Jesus failed because he “let himself be killed” (something like that ) sort of like not thinking somebody is a hero because they were captured?
    Anyway- the Washington Times quickly became a conservative news staple. Now it’s Epoch Times-and the “more things change, the more they stay the same”?

    1. I remember Washington Time giving print time to so many Christian Culture War Leaders…

  4. Metaxas doesn’t actually state WHEN this “2nd inauguration” of Trump will occur.

    As for Gaetz’s threats of objections, McConnell has already warned GOP senators not to engage in such nonsense. Doing so only hurts the GOP. Although, at this point, it would also hurt McConnell by indicating he doesn’t have the political clout to stop it.

      1. Yes, but in order to challenge any electoral votes you must have 1 Representative and 1 Senator object.

        1. They’ve got those people–dingbat football coach turned senator-elect Tommy Tuberville is up for the job. /signed my congressman is one of these treasonweasels.

    1. Not to mention all this nonsense talk and noise will help ensure Mitch becomes Minority Leader after the GA runoffs.

      1. Hopefully, but I don’t really trust the polls at this point. Would be nice if Trump’s nonsensical election fraud claims actually stopped a significant number of republicans from voting.

  5. Even after the Electoral College voted to elect Joe Biden as the next
    president, former Christian intellectual Eric Metaxas insists Trump will
    have a second term.

    And a Third Term,
    And a Fourth Term,
    And a Fifth Term,
    And a Sixth Term…

    “President For Life… We really need to try that here.” — Donald J Trump (Praise His Holy Name!)


  6. If you click the link in the tweet, you go to an ad for a My Pillow “Anniversary Addition” of his Bonhoeffer book.

    But they’re MyPillows(TM).
    CHRISTIAN Magic Pillows that cure all sorts of sleep disorders and diseases!
    Plugged at The Jericho March!

    1. It’s the “Addition” that cracks me up. It’s like Mike Lindell and Emily Litella got married.

    2. Seriously? That’s what MyPillow sells?

      Never heard of this product before. I wondered why Metaxas was hawking his book on a site called MyPillow — it made no sense.

      So is it basically the pillow version of that “silver water” garbage that Jim Bakker has been pushing?

  7. Falun Gong is a group I sympathized with around 15-20 years ago, but when things didn’t go their way they rapidly moved into misinformation campaigns and have become some of the most prevalent purveyors of misinformation in the Trump era. At this point they seem remarkably like the Chinese version of Scientology, and I disregard them as such.

    1. Even though Falun Gong began as a splinter sect of Chinese Buddhism.
      They’re also behind that “Shen Yun” Chinese dance troupe you kept hearing about before COVID. (I knew Shen Yun was done by Chinese expats, but didn’t know they were specifically Falun Gong.)

      I also keep getting Epoch Times samples in my mailbox about once a week. I knew from the first one years ago there was no love lost between them and the current Dynasty in Beijing, but over the past few months they have been getting steadily crazier and crazier. More and more Extreme. (I suspect they went Trumpist because “Enemy of my Enemy is My Friend (if not New Bodhisattva).

      1. I’m aware they are behind Shen Yun and I tell people that. Per Chinese friends of mine it’s not actually traditional Chinese dance at all and most seem to believe it’s just expropriation of some traditions made to market to the west and use the money to enrich thier leaders and fight their propaganda campaign.

        It’s unfortunate. Yes the Chinese government needs to democratize. But I wouldn’t support a group like this gaining any measure of power.

  8. One really couldn’t make it up!

    (Are you sure you are not having post-Covid hallucinations, Warren? Great that you have made such a strong recovery, by the way! DG)

    1. If anyone’s having post-Covid hallucinations, it’s Metaxas and the other Court Evangelicals.

      These guys are not only living in South Park, they’re also doing crossovers with Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss!

      1. Lol. Post-Covid hallucinations without the Covid in case of M & Co!

        At least the likes of M provide entertainment of a sort … And I suspect that most ordinary Trump folks have far too much to worry about to take too much notice of these ‘religious’ loonies, not least because of Trump’s inept handling of the Covid pandemic.

      2. South Park, along with The Simpsons have been eerily prophetic. And much more accurate in their predictions than most of those so-called Prophecy (should it be Profitcy?) experts in Christian media.

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