Happy Blog Anniversary to Me #15

Fifteen years ago tomorrow, I started this blog with these words:

This is a test, nothing but a test. A test of your routine blogcasting network.

I didn’t know what I was doing, but with the encouragement of a former pastor Byron Harvey, I launched into the wild world of blogging. I started out on the old Blogspot platform and then moved to WordPress in 2006. I moved from there to Patheos in 2013, just in time to cover the demise of Mars Hill Church and Gospel for Asia. When Patheos decided I was too hot to handle, I moved really quickly back to this independent format on WordPress. Since 2005, I have written 5,010 posts according to WordPress backroom counter.

To celebrate, tomorrow I start a series of blogcast video interviews with people who are associated with topics I have covered over 15 years. I started out writing about sexual orientation therapy and research. Then the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill became a cause and international story in 2009. I started writing about and debunking David Barton’s and other historical claims in 2011. In late 2013, I took up the demise of Mars Hill Church and followed that until it closed in 2014. In 2015, I started writing about Gospel for Asia. Now I write about evangelical misadventures, debunk fake quotes,  and examine a little bit of anything touching on the topics I have covered from the beginning.

I think some readers will be surprised at some of the people I interview, but they all will be worth tuning in to hear. These will be taped, last about an hour and posted about once a week over the next couple of months. Tomorrow I start with an interview of Michael Coulter, my co-author of Getting Jefferson Right.

I am pretty sure there are some readers who have been here since the beginning. In any case, let me know when you started reading and what topic(s) brought/keep you here.

28 thoughts on “Happy Blog Anniversary to Me #15”

  1. btw, I like the 1st interview you did with Michael Coulter. Looking forward to the rest. And I am curious to see if Michael Bussee is on the list.

  2. Warren, well done, and thanks! I started reading this blog during the Mars Hill fiasco and stayed because it’s so bloody hard to find honesty in evangelical circles.

  3. I reckon I jumped on board in 2006. Byronita wasn’t far behind…

    Happy Blogday!

      1. I’m still around and kicking. I’m just not let out of my little box very often.

  4. Despite the design, maybe you should have stayed with Blogspot…

    I’ve been here since those days. You know the song “Conquistador”?

    Conquistador there is no time,
    I must pay my respects
    Though I came to jeer at you,
    I leave now with regrets…

    I originally came to cross swords with a holy roller reparative therapist. Although for some time your views and mine were incompatible, it soon became apparent that two things were characteristic of you.

    First, that unlike holy roller reparative therapists, you were intellectually honest. That made it impossible for me not to like you.

    Secondly, you thought, and to some extent still think, too well of holy roller reparative therapists, Your disillusionment with them is not as complete as it should be, even now.

    But how am I to criticise you for being too charitable? Is that a fault? I think not. Maybe I could do with a bit more myself, because I’m really not enamoured of the malign dishonesty of the FRC, the Lively’s, the Reckers’, the Barton’s and that ilk.

    Anyway, that’s why I came, and I’d still like to cross intellectual swords with you over Trans and Intersex issues, as I would no doubt learn something thereby.

    Meanwhile best wishes, and may you continue for another decade of three.

  5. Keep on blogging. So good that there are Christians who have courage to truthfully examine issues.

  6. Happy Anniversary, Professor Throckmorton. I believe I started lurking here when you began debunking David (I Lie For Jesus) Barton, and was sorry I hadn’t discovered you sooner.

  7. the only problem with the Patheos debacle was that a lot of good comments where lost in the transition.

    1. ken – you’ve been commenting since near the beginning, right?

      1. I started on your wordpress blog. Pretty sure it was in 2006 (I seem to remember looking up an old post from that time) so probably right after you moved there.

        I found it while researching NARTH (your name popped up because you got an award and were scheduled to speak at one of their conferences).

  8. Happy Blogday, Warren!
    I started with the ‘Hang the Gays’ Bill in Uganda, of course. This blog was a useful source!

      1. How could one forget so sweet a person as he?!

        But he was useful in his way; his tip-offs helped to get me a foot in the door with the UK Foreign Office. Maybe he was a double … 😉

  9. Congratulations on your 15th Blogiversary! I think I started reading your blog regularly shortly after the beginning of the Mars Hill debacle. I’ve continued to read because you are an intelligent, articulate writer who is bugged by many of the same things that bug me, from Evangelical dishonesty, controversies over same-sex relationships, fake history, and plagiarism, to a host of other topics you have brought up over the years. Thank you for the trip so far; may it continue for many more years.

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