Liberty University Basketball Player Asia Todd Decides to Leave the School Over “Racial Insensitivities”

I just saw this a short while ago.

Asia Todd was a high school standout at Clayton (NC) High School and played quality minutes as a Freshman for the Lady Flames this past season. However, she has now decided to transfer and her announcement says it all.

Falwell’s and Board chairman Prevo’s statements are shallow and will probably not suffice to stop the exodus of African American students and staff.

13 thoughts on “Liberty University Basketball Player Asia Todd Decides to Leave the School Over “Racial Insensitivities””

  1. I hope she is the first of many students to transfer out of Liberty University. Falwell has it coming, and they can get a better education elsewhere.

    1. First on the (do-it-yourself) Underground Railroad.

      “Follow the drinking gourd,
      Follow the drinking gourd,
      For the old man is waiting
      To carry you to freedom,
      Follow the drinking gourd…”
      — Antebellum black spiritual containing coded directions to an Underground Railroad contact

  2. Does Falwell have any mode other than “shallow?” Shallow sort of comes with being a grifter, and a religious grifter, most of all.

    1. Falwell’s Authoritarian White Nationalism is theologically shallow by design, but deeply imbedded in worship of the self above all else.

      1. Whether the shallow theology is by design or by accident, Anglo-Saxon nationalism is now more than ever being shown up as a negative force, not least in the way it has responded to the C-19 pandemic.

      2. And praises and adores One who is also deeply into worship of himself. And has POWER.

  3. To which Falwell responded:

    “I have no idea who she is. I don’t pay attention to women’s sports, I just look at the cheerleaders.”

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