Liberty University Student Sickened by Jerry Falwell’s Blackface/KKK Mask (UPDATED)

Two days ago I wrote about Jerry Falwell’s facemask design using a blackface and KKK photo. An online professor resigned over it. Now, a student at Liberty University has written Falwell an open letter of protest. Rather than comment extensively, I will post his tweet here:

The letter is a little hard to read for older eyes so you can see a larger version by clicking this link.

The nation is tearing itself apart and Jerry Falwell thinks it is appropriate to use painful racist images to make some lame political point. This isn’t getting much press because the riots, COVID, and Donald Trump allow no time for anything else. However, I suspect a majority of Liberty students would agree with Mr. Trostle.


Falwell is doubling down with some head scratching reasoning.

I plan to check into the facts but I doubt that Gov. Northam picked out Liberty U’s African-American online students to target. In any case, Falwell sounds like a child – he won’t apologize because of something someone else did. If you take a look at the comments on the tweet, he getting — as the kids say — ratioed.

Here is a balanced article on the online funding issue from Inside Higher Education.

8 thoughts on “Liberty University Student Sickened by Jerry Falwell’s Blackface/KKK Mask (UPDATED)”

  1. And now, stay tuned for Falwell Jr.’s petulant reaction / animus against this student (perhaps even shutting down the entire “International Business” studies program)… all because of Falwell Jr.’s yearning to set an example through the love of Christ.

  2. I wonder if it’s related to this:

    If it’s related to what’s in the article, then Falwell is way off base. And I can’t see what else it could be about. Falwell’s tweet makes it sound like black students have been singled out, which is nonsense – the cuts are to assistance for online classes (the article explains the reason) and apply to all online classes in Virginia, and all students, not just black students.

  3. Well, Jr, just like his daddy, is a fraud and a charlatan. But, it says a lot about the ignorance of the parents, that so many students keep showing up there. Without them, Jr. would be mopping floors somewhere.. His dad was so swarmy, I had to go hit something whenever his fat greasy face showed up on TV..But they’re all like that. Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn. I blame the folks who are too stupid to ignore them..

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