Gospel for Asia Offers Secret Meeting to Selected Donors

Gospel for Asia is apparently going to expand operations. In a solicitation to selected donors, GFA is offering to bring them in to hear about (and no doubt financially support) some new work. Here it is:

GFA is marketing into a storm of bad publicity including a recent CBC radio documentary which raises the issue of $94-million listed in Canada as having gone to India but without any record of it showing up in India.

The secrecy is par for GFA’s course. They have not issued an audited financial statement since 2013 and refuse to disclose how donations to India are getting into the country. GFA and Believers’ Church lost their charity registration there in 2017, but GFA in the U.S. has never informed donors about that and keeps raising money. I would like to see the CBC’s Angela MacIvor ask Johnnie Moore about that.

9 thoughts on “Gospel for Asia Offers Secret Meeting to Selected Donors”

  1. GFA says it currently operates in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Laos and Thailand.

    Where are they expanding too?
    South America…Africa?

    GFA has offices in USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, South Africa, South Korea. Are deep pocket donors in these countries getting a similar secret handshake weekend?

    Is Dr. Garland Murphy invited to this shindig? What about the court ordered donors sub-committee?

    Too bad Dallas media can’t show up to interview some special key supporters on their way in or out of this private, sensitive behind the scenes, exciting, not-ready-for-prime-time event.

    If an invite leaked onto the web, perhaps some of the March 14-15th secret sharing will too.:^)

    1. Probably some 3rd world country with lax financial regulations. My guess would be somewhere in Africa.

        1. There may be some money there (although historically they used Hong Kong, which is another favourite location for black money), but I doubt that’s what this is about.
          More likely is that they have plans for something real that they can take pictures, maybe take staff and major donors to go see, etc., while using it as a way to attract more donations than are actually needed to run the place.

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