CBC Documentary on Gospel for Asia: The Spin Continues

Understandably, this CBC radio documentary, out today, focuses on the Canadian side of the Gospel for Asia story.  It is told via the perspective of Canadian pastor Bruce Morrison who once supported GFA. Bruce has been a relentless searcher of truth and has a great platform here to present his case.

A real plus of this program is the interview with public relations representative Johnnie Moore. K.P. Yohannan declined to meet with CBC despite months of requests but GFA found money to fly Moore in to Wills Point to meet with the CBC.

Moore’s answers shade the truth and are insulting and maddening. I intend to take them apart in future posts, perhaps starting tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “CBC Documentary on Gospel for Asia: The Spin Continues”

  1. The biggest scam on earth here. Ripping off the masses for a billion dollars! Judgment is on the way on this one. I do not think we will have to wait much longer before we start seeing God doing only what He can do.

    1. “Biggest” is exaggeration. Bernie Madoff was a lot bigger in terms of the amount of money involved.

      But it is huge.

  2. GFA loves repeating over and over that “The settlement says the money went to “THE FIELD”! SEE! We are innocent!!” What GFA doesn’t want to talk about is that “the field” just means it went overseas. That money given by DONORS could have bought KP another private pool for all we know (yes, he has one). It could have purchased a golden Jesus statue at FOR PROFIT hospital. It could have purchased supplies for the expensive, private school they run. But that’s all OK… because it went “TO THE FIELD”!!

    The real truth is that GFA cannot prove what happened to donor’s money after it went “to the field”. That’s the real reason why they settled the lawsuit. Johnnie’s statement about GFA leaders settling because of the stress of the lawsuit is a hot pile of lies. GFA knew they could not ever win, because they cannot, and WILL NOT, show where that money actually ends up. That is why they settled.

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