Eric Metaxas Finds His Moral Whisper About Harassment Claims Against Mike Bloomberg

Oh I see how it is. Mike Bloomberg’s past harassment allegations get some press and Eric Metaxas finds his moral concern.

I don’t think this was “whoa” as in “whoa, he is as much of a louse as Trump, maybe I should support him too.” I think this was “whoa” as in “whoa, that’s bad.” What do you think?

Metaxas and other Trump court evangelicals will be severely blasted if they try to play the morality card on Trump’s opponents during this election. They can’t really do it with a straight face. I suspect Metaxas only wrote a muted “whoa” because he knew he would be ridiculed unmercifully if he went for a stronger condemnation.

Recently CBN’s David Brody (a supporter of Trump) acknowledged that making an issue of Pete Buttigieg’s sexuality was not a winning play for Trump supporters since Trump has no moral high ground. Watch:

Brody just ruled out this out as a plausible strategy given Trump’s questionable behavior. I don’t think Bloomberg is going to prevail, but I can’t see how Republicans can make an issue of it if he does.

8 thoughts on “Eric Metaxas Finds His Moral Whisper About Harassment Claims Against Mike Bloomberg”

  1. I’m of a fervent “Vote Blue, No Matter Who” belief, because every Democrat running is vastly more moral, more intelligent, and more compassionate than Donald Trump, not to mention more concerned about the country than their own bank accounts. That said, there are people running as Democrats that I’ll vote for, if they end up as the candidate, but I will have to hold my nose to manage it. For me, Bloomberg is somewhere in the middle. His record as a politician is far from sterling–but it’s still far better than Trump’s. On that score, I refuse to let the perfect (nobody’s perfect) become the enemy of the good.

    Bloomberg has more money than God, which already gets under Trump’s notoriously thin skin, and it enables Bloomberg to spend his essentially unlimited supply taking on Trump, rather than his Democratic opponents. If he loses, he hasn’t lost enough to bankrupt himself, and he has done the winning candidate an immense favor, especially since he has promised to leave the organization he has created in place for the winner to use. He hates Trump and all he stands for, and isn’t afraid of a fight. Bloomberg isn’t the candidate who would be my first choice; bur if he can beat Trump, and I think he can, I have no doubt that the country will be a better place because Trump is no longer president. And that’s the point of this election, from where I stand.

  2. By attacking Democratic candidates for sexual harassment- Trump’s supporters distract from their candidate’s track record of the same thing. As they already know that Bloomberg will deny it (most likely) – they can finger-point and say, “See! Democrats are hypocrites- just look! And then these socialists have the nerve to throw accusations out at our Sainted Hero of Christendom, president* Trump. This works right along with their propaganda that “they all lie” and “everybody does it”.When the GOP allows Donald to have a third term (I am sure they plan too) Donald will then start referring to himself as “we”- and they can call him Donald of Orange.

  3. I don’t think Bloomberg is going to prevail, but I can’t see how Republicans can make an issue of it if he does.

    We’re talking about a man who accused Ted Cruise’s father of being involved in the Kennedy assassination and called Ted’s wife ugly. We’re talking about a man who bragged about his penis size on the Republican debate stage. We’re talking about a man who led chants of “Lock her up” against his political rival while hiding his tax returns and violating campaign finance laws to pay hush money to porn stars. We’re talking about a man who brought women who accused Bill Clinton of harassment to be in the audience of a debate with Hillary while having his own litany of harassment accusations against him. He drew in sharpie on a hurricane map to “prove” that he wasn’t wrong about the path of storm. He literally has no shame. It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump attacked Bloomberg because the women he allegedly harassed were too ugly.

  4. At least the denizens of Twitter are calling him on his hypocrisy, not that I expect him to care.

  5. “but I can’t see how Republicans can make an issue of it if he does.”

    If you can’t see that, then I suspect you have been blinded to the hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance rampant in US Politics.

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