Rick Joyner: Everything in the Constitution Comes from the Bible

For years, David Barton has promoted the false notion that everything in the Constitution comes from the Bible. Two summers ago, I read James Madison’s entire notes on the Constitutional Convention looking for the elusive biblical roots of the Constitution only to come up empty.

Now self-appointed prophet Rick Joyner has taken up this message. Watch:

He says everything in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is linked to a Scripture verse. Joyner adds to this falsehood by saying the Federalist papers further explains the links.

I have examined this claim on several occasions when made by David Barton (see the links in the first paragraph above). As noted, I read through the notes on the entire Constitutional Convention looking for the biblical influences on the Constitution. Surely, if the framers meant for the Bible to be the foundation of the Constitution, they would have cited it in their debates. Even if they didn’t use chapter and verse, there would have to be some reference to phrases from the Bible for these claims to be true. In fact, there were few references to the Bible or Christianity. There were far more references to Greek and Roman democracies, prior governments, British law and common sense. For the hearty souls who wish to take that same journey, I humbly recommend the series and the endeavor to read Madison’s notes on the 1787 convention.

Regarding Joyner’s remarks about the Federalist papers, he must be thinking about the Antifederalists.  In a study of citations by Donald Lutz frequently misused by David Barton and Christian nationalists, Lutz found that Federalists cited many influences but didn’t cite the Bible. See Lutz’s assessment of the writings of the Federalists and Antifederalists below: By the way, the Smithsonian has 156 million items, 145 million of which are scientific artifacts.


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11 thoughts on “Rick Joyner: Everything in the Constitution Comes from the Bible”

  1. Joyner has been Lying for Jesus probably longer than Barton – because he’s a few years older.

  2. How can these lying hyper-Christians look themselves in the mirror every morning and say “I’m doing the right thing?”

    How can they live with the hypocrisy?

    (As a moral atheist, I couldn’t do it!)

  3. I remember reading through your series on the Constitutional Convention’s notes when you wrote it, Dr. Throckmorton. Would that Rick Joyner would do the same. He would discover that, despite what David Barton claims, and what he himself has taken to claiming, the evidence is simply not there. He knows that the vast majority of people he reaches will not make the effort to look, so he promotes a “feel good” lie. Thank you for being one of those who looked.

  4. I have paid much attention to this man over the past few years. I have to say, honestly, that Warren nailed Joyner on his two worse traits I have found in him. The first is his Idealist Champion personality that values ideals over reality. The Apostle Paul was content with promoting just one ideal: Christ crucified. But I have yet to find an Idealist Champion who is satisfied with just promoting One Truth, they crave more, many more “truths.” Joyner went searching through history, not to see what actually happened, but to find things that he could champion as true ideals such as “the constitution.” While Joyner clearly states that it is not on the same level of the Bible, he still manages to promote it so highly that it has taken the form of a clear and present idol in his own mind. This is because, I am personally convinced, that Joyner actually believes what he says in the clip listed. He so much wants as many ideals to personally promote that he creates them where they simply do not exist. This is typical of the whole “Prophetic” movement Joyner is a leader in, it is dominated by people with biases that create false realities. This movement has nothing in common with the Old Testament real prophets who were ridiculed, beaten and killed because they spoke truth that no one, and especially those narcissists in power, wanted to hear.
    This leads to the second trait which is arguably worse: the unwillingness and total inability for Joyner to put into practice most of the truth that God has revealed to him. I have plenty of quotes from Joyner that show that he knows fully well how bad things are in Christianity and its celebrity leaders, and yet in practice he does absolutely nothing with them. He knows the pride and selfish-ambition that dominates this group, even admitting it many times that he is guilty, yet he does not rebuke anyone and instead actively promotes evil men who are fakes. This includes, sadly, now Barton as the latest along with “Dr.” Lance Walnau and Gen Boykin, both of which have bought fake doctorates from a mill in Phoenix. All of these guys are so arrogant and full of themselves that I can not stand to listen to them. As I have pondered the weird contradiction of Joyner I have come to the conclusion that the circle of celebrities Joyner runs with is a temptation too high for all but a handful of men not to get corrupted by. If Joyner were a prophet, then he would do what prophets do and rebuke the other celebrities for their many evils. Instead, all of the perks offered up are simply too much to resist! Joyner has, in practice, become much more like Balaam then the other prophets that he would like to be like. Balaam was easily tempted by all a king had to offer. God did choose and speak to Balaam, but not because he had any noble character at all. Just because God shows you truth, does not mean that you are automatically living it out or worthy of it in any way.
    But before we get too carried away in slashing Joyner into the dirt, I recognize that this problem of being unwilling to act on truth when it costs you on this planet is a very common problem among Christians. I have not fully taken everything that I know to be truth and put it into practice in my own life, nor have I met anyone else who has done this either. This does not let Joyner off of the hook, but it humbly admits that we have more in common with this hypocrite than we would really rather admit. We all need to repent! The words of Jesus directed at the Pharisees also applies to Joyner when Jesus told his disciples to do what they teach on the scriptures, but do not follow their personal example. The saddest part of this is that I have to admit that I have found no celebrity Christian leaders who are better than Joyner. This just shows how far the Western Church has fallen. It makes me want to cry out for Jesus return as we really do need God to take charge of this mess. Jesus needs to be the actual head of the Church. This is not what any of our current crew of celebrities leaders actually want, for many of them would die as false leaders on that day and others would be fired and given the worst and lowliest jobs Jesus has. Our righteousness is truly filthy rags. Wanting to rule this world and Jesus’ Church without Jesus is the rebellious desire that is destroying both of these things. Any other leader than Jesus Christ simply will not do. This is the conclusion I have come to…

  5. Since simply following the actual teachings of Jesus is too much to ask of false prophet Rick Joyner, how about he instead enroll in an accredited university or college and earn himself a legitimate bachelor’s degree in U.S. history? That way, at least he’d be informed about historiography, archival research, ethical research methods, critical thought, and actual U.S. history.

  6. It takes a certain kind of shameless liar, here, a faculty member of the University of PIDOOMA, to say this kind of thing. I eagerly await Barton’s first citation to Joyner for authority for this bogus claim, and Joyner to do the same for Barton.

    1. Reverend Larry cites Reverend Moe for authority,
      Reverend Moe cites Reverend Curly for authority,
      Reverend Curly cites Reverend Larry for authority —

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