Jerry Falwell, Jr. Slams Russell Moore on Treatment of Refugees

I can’t remember anything quite like this. Political loyalties have reduced self-styled Christian leaders to public wars. Witness Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s tweet today to Russell Moore.

The arrogance here is obvious. His reaction isn’t relevant to Moore’s comment. Moore didn’t even mention Trump but Moore’s concern about the treatment of migrant children implied enough disapproval to throw Falwell into a frenzied attack.

Falwell is the president of a Christian university. I cannot imagine the president of my college doing anything like this. I can’t imagine the president of any reputable college or university comporting himself/herself in this way.

Moore said what many are feeling. I suspect there are numerous Trump voters who want to see children take care of. Moore did nothing wrong and a lot right.

I feel very sad tonight for Liberty staff and faculty, at least those who would like to speak out but can’t because their jobs are on the line.  Students, parents, and alums probably have the most leverage. Apparently the board is MIA or in complete accord with Mr. Falwell.

In any case, this is a new low and I don’t think there is a bottom.


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  1. Warren: “Political loyalties have reduced self-styled Christian leaders to public wars.”

    Warren, my personal belief is that Trump corrupts nobody, but he does reveal all. I haven’t seen any examples like this from people who were decent, just from people who had an undeserved reputation.

  2. According to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Obama also ran concentration camps at the border. Oh and Obama said he would send children home…

  3. This picture won’t make a dent in the evangelical world. Jesus cares about white folks in the USA, not brown folks elsewhere.

  4. So the scandal involving Falwell, Jr is more directly related to Trump through Michael Cohen’s involvement with the racy photos and the subsequent endorsement of Trump instead of Cruz. Reuter’s has a good summation of the story:

    ETA 8:40pm: Trump spoke at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference today. Apparently he referenced Jerry Falwell, Jr and then said “I could tell you stories”… He also royally dissed John McCain again saying that he’s gone on to greener pastures, or maybe not so green, but he’s glad McCain is gone.

  5. I fear that from looking at comments on RightWing sites, many people do indeed want to see the children “taken care of”. Finally. A Final Solution. Not supplying lice combs when there’s an infestation, prohibiting changes of clothing, and overcrowding is the way that worked on Anne Frank in Belsen.

    Never attribute to malice what is adequarely explained by incompetence. My impression of the concentration camp guards is that their knowledge of public health issues and typhus is scant, their knowledge of history nonexistent. Or maybe not – forcing the kids to sleep on concrete without bedding and with only mylar blankets would inhibit the rapid spread of typhus, though of course there would be increased mortality from other diseases.

    The cost of keeping these children in these conditions is over $700 a day each. So to say there’s no money for bars of soap or toothbrushes defies credulity. Mere incompetence alone was an inadequate explanation a long time ago.

  6. What is this? Provide some relevant and accurate information or context or I will delete it.

    1. It’s on the front page of the NYTimes today after being in the major Mexican newspaper La Jornada yesterday.

      ETA per La Jornada, the father and daughter were from El Salvador.

  7. Wait a second, has Junior built an organization of any type from scratch? Seems like he’s riding on Daddy’s coattails.

  8. Falwell is getting hammered on Twitter now. By ordinary Christians quoting the bible, arguing the folly of his position as well as referring to some scandal I’m not familiar with. Hardly any tweets in his defence.

    1. The scandal? Probably about some photos, and a pool boy. I’m not being sarcastic.

  9. Religious Nihilism + Political Nihilism = the hellscape we’re all living in.

  10. Students at Liberty University should mobilize and take action. Faculty and administrators will predictably remain silent yet again, all for their thirty pieces of silver.

    U.S. Evangelicals invested in denying Jesus will continue to send their children to Liberty, whereas those with spiritual and moral integrity will look elsewhere.

    1. LU is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Falwell, Inc. That’s a bit of sarcasm, but the reality is that it would take a major donor to forced the Falwells out. Reviewing the fracas around the ouster of the Roberts family from Oral Roberts University may be instructive.

      1. It will be interesting to know Liberty University’s enrollment numbers this Fall. Evidence of further declining enrollment will be a healthy sign. At this point in the summer, students won’t have an option to apply and enroll elsewhere. So students stuck at Liberty should do what faculty, staff, and administrators will never do: call Falwell into repentance through accountability. Write another open letter, attract press coverage, hold demonstrations.

  11. Who are you @drmoore? someone with a lot more compassion and decency than you Jerry Falwell.

  12. You’ve got to figure Falwell will take a toll on Librerty in terms of its ability to attract/retain students and staff, right? Or will it simply drive away the sane people and attract more folks like Falwell?

  13. Aw….isn’t he a good little Court Evangelical? He should get a cookie for that.

    1. I suspect JF Jr. may very well be actually counting on getting quite a bit more than a cookie. To take a phrase from an old Tom Lehrer song: “A man whose allegiance is ruled by expedience.”

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